Ready to pop the big question? Congratulations! You may already have chosen the perfect engagement ring. But, if you have not, where will you buy your engagement ring from? These days, there are plenty of options. We will explain the pros and cons of the three most common places where you can buy an engagement ring: at the traditional jeweller, a private appointment or online.

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When should I see a jeweller?

Before the rise of online shops, the place where everyone went to buy their engagement ring was an actual jeweller. After comparing the various engagement ring designs in the showroom, decide which one you like and ask to see a few up close.

The numerous Antwerp jewellers and diamond experts are world-renowned. Antwerp really is the place to buy an engagement ring, so you could visit a jeweller there. There are nevertheless some disadvantages to shopping at an in-person jeweller.
Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart
Woman at a jeweller in Antwerp – BAUNAT – one of the options of where to buy an engagement ring.
One advantage of an actual jeweller is that you can physically hold the jewellery in your hands, so you are in no doubt as to its size and weight. If you are planning to choose together with your partner, you can also have their ring size measured at the same time.

One possible disadvantage is that the jeweller might not have much time for you if they are busy. They might not be able to pay much attention to you or answer all your questions, for instance. Buying a ring at a jeweller is also more expensive than online at BAUNAT. Overheads for premises, staff and holding stock are reflected in the price of your engagement ring. So there are better options than visiting a traditional jeweller.

What are the advantages of a private appointment in a showroom?

Two women buy an engagement ring in the BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp – a great option of where to buy an engagement ring
Another great place where you can buy an engagement ring is at a private appointment. An important purchase such as an engagement ring naturally deserves special attention. In a private appointment, all our experts’ attention is focused on you, and they help you search for the perfect ring for your beloved.

You can also have your ring size measured during a private appointment so that you can be sure that you have the right size and will not need to refit the ring later. We start with an in-depth conversation so that we can get to know you and your beloved better. This gives us a good impression of the engagement ring you are looking for, and that fits your style.
Our diamond experts have years of experience, and closely follow all the trends surrounding engagement rings and other jewellery. This means they can give you more detail about both which rings are in fashion and which fits your beloved perfectly.
Map with locations of BAUNAT showrooms where you can buy your engagement ring.
BAUNAT may have been an Antwerp company originally, but over the years we have established ourselves in several important cities in Europe and Asia. So please do not hesitate to book an appointment  at one of our worldwide locations. Private appointments can be booked from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00. You can also sometimes book an appointments on a Saturday. Find out more about our showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

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Advantages of buying your engagement ring online

Online is another place where you can buy an engagement ring.
By this point, you have probably scoured the internet for where to buy your engagement ring. However, the internet is not just a great place for finding inspiration and advice; it is also where you can buy an engagement ring efficiently and cost-effectively.

Purchasing your engagement ring online is particularly quick and easy. What is more, it will not take much time out of your busy schedule. You can view our online collection anywhere in the world and complete transactions efficiently. Our experts are always on hand via the chat.

Online collections are also usually larger and easier to browse than physical stock. It is very easy to compare different designs, and with a few clicks, you can get an overview of all the rings in a particular collection.

A third - and perhaps even bigger - advantage is the cost. Jewellers focusing on their online shop simply have fewer costs. They have no physical outlets with all the associated costs such as staff, rent and high stock levels. You can see this reflected in the price of our engagement rings and other jewellery. In some cases, you could be saving 30-50% compared to an offline purchase.
All our orders are also insured from the moment you pay online to when you sign for the delivery
We are also working constantly to improve the online shopping experience. This means you will find a 360° 3D image of most of our jewellery items, which lets you look in detail from every angle.

In brief: what are the advantages of buying your engagement ring online?

  • it is quick and easy

  • the collections are larger and uncluttered, therefore easier to search

  • it is up to half the price
Five-star rating on Trustpilot where happy customers bought their engagement rings.
How do you know where online to buy your engagement ring from? You should take a look at the jeweller’s Trustpilot score and read reviews. More than 2500 customers have already rated BAUNAT 5 stars. We are number one worldwide in the jewellery industry.

So how do I decide where to buy my engagement ring?

Do you prefer individual guidance from an expert? Then make a private appointment at a showroom for a thorough conversation that is completely dedicated to you.

Do you value your own convenience and a more affordable price more? Then you can easily buy your ring online. Still not sure which design you like the most? Our experts are here to help and can always send some pictures of the item you would like to order.

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Summary: the advantages and disadvantages of the various places where you can buy an engagement ring

Overview: the advantages and disadvantages of all places where you can buy an engagement ring

Happy couple browses in a showroom where they can buy their engagement rings.

Physical jeweller

  • See and feel jewellery immediately
  • No surprises

  • Cons
  • More expensive due to overhead costs
  • Little personal guidance
  • Sneak peek into a BAUNAT showroom where you can buy your engagement ring.

    Private appointment

  • Personal guidance by an expert

  • Cons
  • Without previous research, the pressure to choose there and then can be high
  • Tablet showing an online jeweller where you can buy your engagement ring.

    Online jeweller

  • Cheaper for the same quality
  • Much larger collection to choose from
  • Easy to order
  • Personal appointment still possible

  • Cons
  • Unable to see or feel jewellery without a personal appointment in the showroom
  • Where to buy engagement and wedding rings in Antwerp and why?

    Map with the location of BAUNAT Antwerp where you can buy your engagement ring.
    The diamond district in Antwerp covers 1 km2 next to Central Station. The most important streets in the Antwerp diamond district are Rijfstraat, Hovenierstraat and Vestingsstraat.
    Buildings in Antwerp where you can buy an engagement ring.
    Buying your engagement ring in Antwerp sounds like a cliché, but there is a good reason for it. Antwerp is known around the world as the diamond capital. And you do not even have to go there to benefit from this quality and expertise.

    You can also buy your engagement and wedding rings from Antwerp online. This means you can benefit from the quality of the expert jewellers in the diamond district, wherever you are.

    Learn more about engagement rings and the wedding itself

    Now you know the advantages of buying your engagement ring online. However, it is only once you have ordered the engagement ring that things get exciting. Do you know all the etiquette surrounding engagement rings and which hand you wear them on? And which advice to follow to plan your wedding efficiently? You can find this out and much more in the blogs below.
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