Are you looking for the perfect chain in Antwerp? Where is the best place to buy it? Come to the BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp. Are you looking for a timeless and classy necklace, pendant or medallion? Discover your ideal jewel from our extensive range of high-quality chains. 


Where to buy a necklace in Antwerp?

Antwerp is known worldwide as a diamond centre. The city is seen as the expert in diamonds and diamond jewellery. The ideal place to buy your diamond chain. BAUNAT is also an expert in its field as a diamond jeweller in Antwerp. You will not only find the perfect necklace in our wide range of diamond jewellery, you can also come and choose chains in person in our showroom. Please note, all our jewellery, so the chains too, are handmade. It is therefore not possible to take your necklace straight away from the showroom.

The necklaces are made exclusively with the highest quality precious metals and diamonds. Our versatile collections are always on display in our specialised showrooms. It is also possible to buy necklaces online. Be inspired by our wide range of online offerings and the exciting blog posts, because our existing collections allow you to create a custom necklace to suit your needs. Both necklaces, pendants and medallions are the ideal gift for a birthday, birth, Mother's Day, communion, baptism etc. 

A look at our collection

The diamond pendant

Would you like a pendant on your necklace? A diamond pendant is really versatile. Whether you want a subtle or extravagant jewel, a diamond pendant will always complete your jewellery collection. On any occasion, a single solitaire pendant with one diamond, a three-piece diamond pendant, or a trilogy pendant with different cut shapes, can be worn.

The diamond necklace

At BAUNAT we have a wide range of styles, shapes and materials for necklaces. For example, do you prefer a classic river necklace or do you prefer a statement chain? It is also possible to have your necklace made to measure.

The diamond medallion

You can buy a medallion both online and in the specialised showroom in Antwerp. With a medallion you can literally carry your beloved, a special memory or personal message close to your heart. Come and marvel at our Medaillon D’Anvers or a design by Wouters & Hedrix!

Why make an appointment in BAUNAT's showroom?

In each showroom BAUNAT creates a unique and exclusive atmosphere centred around your personal needs and individual guidance. In order to guarantee this quality service, you can only visit our showroom by appointment.

In addition, when purchasing a necklace online at BAUNAT, you will enjoy exceptional payment terms and fully insured shipping.

Are you totally convinced to buy your chain in Antwerp? Then make an appointment in one of our showrooms straight away.

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