• Why choose for design?
  • Different designs
  • How do I combine design earrings?

You will always attract attention with design earrings. Such a unique piece suits your personality and your look. Discover here how you can combine design earrings with your outfit. BAUNAT will be happy to give you tips and advice.

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Why choose for design?

Few jewels have such a rich history as earrings. That makes them immensely timeless and stylish. Even if you’re always following the latest trends, the iconic designs keep coming back. From ear studs to pendants or creoles, the classic design pieces remain contemporary. Moreover, if you choose a pair of designer earrings with diamonds, you can be sure of a timeless piece of jewellery. You will  enjoy high quality and a superior finish. Finally, you can also opt for a pair of customised earrings. In consultation with our professional designers, you can create your own pair of designer earrings.

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Different designs

Designer earrings look beautiful on every woman. In BAUNAT's online range, you will find many different designs with different gemstones and precious metals. You can choose a pair of earrings in yellow gold, white gold, platinum or red gold. The diamond is the most common gemstone in jewellery, but what about a unique piece with sapphire or yellow diamond?


Are you looking for a pair of designer earrings for a special occasion to really impress? Then the earrings from BAUNAT's designer collections are perfect. For example, there is the Licio collection, where were the source of inspiration or the Monarca collection which was inspired by the monarch butterfly.

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How do I combine design earrings?

If you choose to wear designer earrings with striking diamonds or gemstones, it's important to keep a good balance with the rest of your look. This way you will put the emphasis on your elegant design earrings. Go for an outfit in a sober colour or go for black for a perfect contrast with the sparkle of your earrings. Also, match your make-up with your earrings. With eye-catching diamond earrings you can wear natural make-up to make sure the jewels get all the attention. Match your yellow gold earrings with golden bronze eyeshadow and your white gold or platinumearrings with a cool eyeshadow in a darker shade than your eye colour. If you have green eyes, you can opt for a combination of red gold earrings and copper eyeshadow.

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Are you ready to choose the perfect earrings? Then take a look at the extensive collection of BAUNAT and discover our diamond earrings collections. Or make an appointment in our showroom and admire the jewels in person.
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