Today, the one and only answer to the question in the title is: online. Online is one of the best places to buy diamond rings offering one of the best quality and ratio possible. Given that the expenses are considerably lower for an online retailer than in a brick and mortar store, it allows you to find great quality diamonds at a lesser price. Here are a few figures to help us understand how the act of purchasing online has increased substantially in just the past two years.

  • Why online?
  • How does this tell us where to buy the best diamond rings?

Why online?

Today, whatever you are looking for, you can be certain that most of us, will as a first reaction, look for that item online. We will google it and find out details about the item and compare websites for prices.

According to a study that was conducted by Empathy Broker in the UK, on a sample of 3000 people over a period of 2 months in 2018, almost 65% of shoppers enjoy browsing the internet, just for the fun of it.

Furthermore it appears that 51% of UK consumers prefer to shop online rather than in a physical store, hence e-commerce is clearly gaining traction among consumers. These same people admitted to buying online on average six times per month, and this number increased to eight times per month when they talked specifically to the 25-34 year olds.

Retailers will also be interested to hear that 43% of the people surveyed said that they were more likely to buy spontaneously online than they would in a store.

Where to buy the best diamond rings? One answer, online at BAUNAT.

How does this tell us where to buy the best diamond rings?

Even without knowing all the figures mentioned above regarding the number of people actually buying online, it is clear that if you are looking for something special, even as valuable as a diamond ring, you will immediately look for it online first.

Then it all comes down to the online jeweller. Provided that the jeweller manages to offer you an experience through the photos, the storytelling of the brand and the people behind the brand, you are very likely to purchase your dream diamond ring if you see it.

You will of course always be able to find beautiful diamonds in a physical store too. However, the best quality to price ratio can only really be found online as all the costs related to rents, employees, insurances, stock, and so forth, are noticeably reduced.

Are you looking at where to buy the best diamond rings? Then BAUNAT is for you. We offer fine jewellery at the best quality to price ratio available online. By cutting out intermediaries and buying our diamonds at the sources, we can guarantee amazing prices. Do not hesitate to browse through our online collection and to contact us for guidance.

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