Next to the wedding ring, the engagement ring is probably the most emotionally significant and important piece of jewellery of all. Finding the right ring is extremely difficult due to the wide range of choices on offer. Discover how to find the right engagement ring and what to consider when making your choice.

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Which engagement ring is the right choice?

An engagement ring expresses appreciation and love, and is the basis for most marriage proposals. The first step should be to establish a budget for your ring. In the USA, the cost of an engagement ring is usually calculated based on your monthly salary, but this habit has not caught on in Germany. Every woman wants a spectacular engagement ring: being overly thrifty is just as senseless as getting into debt. In Europe, an average of €2,000 is spent on engagement rings. In Munich, which is a city with above-average incomes, this figure is significantly higher. Don't worry too much about the price: the most important thing is to ensure that your ring matches your partner's personality.

Whether you opt for the classic, a solitaire engagement ring with a single, high-quality diamond, a sensational Halo ring, an extremely romantic Toi & Moi ring, or a completely different design is a matter of taste and personal style. If you are not sure which ring is the right choice, ask your partner's friends and family. The people who have known your partner for a very long time will be best able to judge their tastes. Otherwise, pay attention to what jewellery your partner likes to wear, as their favourite jewellery provides valuable clues as to what kind of ring they will prefer.

Last but not least, the right ring size is crucial. When you get down on one knee to pop the question, the ring should fit perfectly.  Subsequent alterations are, of course, possible, but your special moment will be all the better if the ring fits properly. Take the time to measure the ring size carefully, e.g. using any rings that your partner wears on a daily basis.

What do I need to consider when buying an engagement ring in Munich?

Whether you purchase your engagement ring in Munich or elsewhere, always choose a high-quality precious metal such as 750 gold or platinum for an engagement ring that is likely to be worn every day. These materials promise a long life for your piece of jewellery, and they are also insensitive and easy to care for.
For diamonds, the so-called 4 Cs - carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut - determine the price. A flawless engagement ring costs more than a ring with a diamond or diamonds of very good quality. Without a diamond loupe and a trained eye, diamonds in colour G-H, clarity VS2-SI1, with a very good cut cannot be distinguished from considerably more expensive diamonds in colour D-E, clarity IF or FL, with an excellent cut. If you are not looking to buy diamonds primarily as an investment, you can save a lot of money by choosing a good quality diamond compared to the best quality and can, for example, choose a slightly larger diamond.

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From which jeweller should I buy an engagement ring in Munich?

The selection of jewellers in the Bavarian capital is extremely large. The purchasing power in Munich is high, as many people have a respectable income: the city is therefore also a very good location for jewellers. Alongside large chains, in Munich you will find many of the industry's original cornerstones, which have been based in the city for many decades.

Even if you have a sizeable budget, there is no reason to overspend on an engagement ring. In particular, the costs for shops in premium locations, sales staff, and purchasing costs are decisive factors that may result in you paying far more than necessary when buying an engagement ring in Munich. BAUNAT offers a showroom in the heart of the city centre, directly on Maximilianstrasse. As an innovative "digital native", we can offer you optimal value for money thanks to our streamlined company structure and the fact that we purchase all diamonds directly at the source.

Would you like to buy an engagement ring or another piece of diamond jewellery in Munich? The experts at BAUNAT look forward to providing you with some free, no-obligation advice. Contact us now.
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