• Unusual and romantic hiding spots for the engagement ring

Hiding the engagement ring is still a classic way to make the proposal even more of a surprise. And with ‘hiding’, we don’t mean holding it behind your back. We are talking about hiding it as creatively as possible, to create an unforgettable memory of your proposal.


Hide the engagement ring in a delicious dessert!

Baking the engagement ring into your partner’s favourite dessert. Some people find this idea highly romantic, Others worry about the logistic side of this plan. If you decide to go for this idea, you should choose a dessert with a soft texture, such as a cake, a muffin or cupcake. After baking, cut out a small rectangle using a cookie cutter and place the ring inside. Cover some of the cake you have cut out and hide the compartment with frosting. To keep the engagement ring  clean, it can be placed in a heat-resistant case. Do not use plastic, as this can melt, but use aluminium foil or baking paper instead.

If baking is not your cup of tea, you can always consider the following classic: hiding the engagement ring in champagne glass!

Seasonal ideas for hiding the engagement ring

Depending on the season, you can consider the following hiding spots for the perfect engagement ring you have purchased for your partner:

  • For Valentine's Day: hide the engagement ring in a half open rose blossom for an extra romantic touch, or place it in a delicious box of chocolates!

  • For Easter: hide the ring inside a beautifully painted Easter egg, or among other decorated Easter eggs in an egg carton.

  • For Christmas: hide the ring in an advent calendar you have bought or made yourself. Or hide it inside a tree ornament. Christmas will never be the same for him or her!

  • For New Year's Eve: hide the ring in fortune cookie. Double luck guaranteed!
Hiding places that have a significant meaning for your partner or your relationship as a couple are always a winner. We will help you on the way with the following tips:

  • Is your partner a nature-lover? Hide the engagement ring in a tree trunk or in one of the many other romantic hiding spots nature provides.

  • Do you and your partner enjoy going on ski holidays? Hide the engagement ring in a matchbox for your partner to discover when you warm yourselves by the fire after a fun day.

  • Do you have pets? Tie the engagement ring around its neck for an extra fluffy surprise.

Think of things you love about your partner and your relationship together. This way you will surely find the perfect hiding spot for your engagement ring when you decide to propose. Of course, you can also go the traditional route by going down on one and proposing to your partner that way.

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