• Why should you have your ring checked?
  • How often should you have your ring checked?
  • What is done during one of these professional checks? 

Irrespective of whether it concerns your engagement ring, wedding ring, or another type of ring: a diamond ring should shine! Rings you wear regularly, or perhaps even on a daily basis, will suffer damage more easily. It’s therefore important to know how to look after and protect your gold and diamond jewellery yourself. But a regular professional check is essential too. Continue to read to find out why and how often one of these checks is needed.

Why should you have your ring checked?

It goes without saying that you’ll regularly be inspecting your diamond ring yourself. But it will still be important to have a professional look at it on a regular basis too. The jeweller can often detect invisible problems. Problems you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of yourself, but which could result in you losing the diamond in the near future.

For example, the clasps which hold the stone in place could be starting to oxidise. This is less common with platinum rings, as this precious metal is very strong and durable. After all, every precious metal has its own individual characteristics.

How often should you have your ring checked?

When did you last have a professional check carried out? How often you should have your diamond ring checked really depends on how often you wear it. Once a year is recommended. Rings you wear frequently should be checked by a jeweller several times a year.

Has your ring suffered a knock? Don’t wait, arrange to have it thoroughly checked straight away. After all, you don’t want to suddenly lose your ring.

What is done during one of these professional checks?

We would like to provide you with some information regarding what a jeweller does during an inspection of your diamond ring. The check is done in three stages:

  • The safety check:

This is the main reason for the check. The jeweller will check whether the settings, the way in which the gemstone is held in place in the ring, aren’t damaged and/or whether the diamond is still securely in place.

  • The cleaning:

Any dirt is removed which you couldn’t reach yourself at home during the clean. This is important for the diamond’s appearance and will avoid any further accumulation of dirt, which could result in the diamond becoming irreparably damaged.

  • The polishing (& adding a rhodium layer):

Your diamond ring can be polished once it has been cleaned. This isn’t essential. You are therefore free to choose whether or not you want this.

White gold rings will also have a new layer of rhodium added to the ring, allowing the colour to return to a beautiful white.

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