• Which classic and traditional rings stand out?
  • Which engagement rings show off coloured gems?
  • What unusual and daring rings did some royals choose?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding presents the perfect occasion to look back on other royal unions. The extravagant and fittingly dramatic weddings are always preceded with the most beautiful engagement rings. Which royals chose a ring befitting of their more classic and traditional style? Who opted for more unconventional engagement rings?

Which classic and traditional rings stand out?

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring might not be the most classic choice, it breathes traditional style and class. The cushion cut centre diamond from the Botswana diamond mine is flanked by two diamonds from the late Princess Diana’s personal collection in this beautiful yellow gold trilogy, adding meaningful symbolism to an already stunning ring. Although not quite the same, its toned-down traditional air is reminiscent of Queen Elisabeth’s subtle ring. From a distance it appears to be a stylish trilogy, but a closer look reveals a 3-carat centre stone flanked with 10 smaller diamonds in a triangular shape.

Princess Grace of Monaco’s ring stood out not for colour or unusual setting, but for sheer size. Her platinum Cartier engagement ring donned a 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond in the centre, with two diamond baguettes to the side. Similarly, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, received from Prince Charles an emerald cut diamond with three baguettes to each side.

Which engagement rings show off coloured gems?

Coloured diamonds and gemstones might feel modern, but they have been considered extremely classy for quite some time. Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton after her, wore a 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire in her engagement ring surrounded by 14 round diamonds. When Prince Charles picked it out for his bride-to-be he drew inspiration from a timeless sapphire brooch surrounded by diamonds which has been with the British royal family since Queen Victoria received it from her beloved husband Albert in 1840. Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson announced her engagement with a floral shaped diamond ring with an oval-cut Burmese ruby in the centre.

British royals, however, are not the only colourful royal family throughout the years. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is never seen without her oval cut orange engagement ring with tear-drop diamonds, and neither is Princess Mathilde from Belgium without her oval-cut ruby ring surrounded set in a thick diamond band.

What unusual and daring rings did some royals choose?

Although classic styles and coloured gems never go out of style, some types of engagement rings have only really started to popularise over recent years. Queen Margerite of Denmark was ahead of the times with her toi et moi engagement ring set with two square-cut diamonds in yellow gold. The same could be said for Spanish King Felipe when he picked out the classic baguette eternity ring with 16 colourless diamonds in white gold trim for his Letizia.

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