• What types of diamond cufflinks are there to choose from?
  • How do I decide which sets to get which groomsmen?
  • How can I personalize the cufflinks?

On the happiest day of their lives, many couples spare no expense to thank the people helping them realise one of their lifelong dreams. Bridesmaids often receive diamond jewellery, and it should be no different for groomsmen. Why not gift a stylish and timeless set of diamond cufflinks?

What types of diamond cufflinks are there to choose from?

Depending on your groomsmen’s tastes, there are a plethora of different types of diamond cufflinks to choose from. When going for diamonds, choosing carefully is a must. Firstly, make sure they are set in high-quality precious metals to make sure they really pop. There are different types and styles of cufflinks to choose from, each with their own personality. Bigger gold or platinum rims radiate a more classic and strong feel.

A narrower edge feels more sophisticated and sleek, ready for any occasion. A diamond stripe separating deep black onyx feels entirely on par with the geometric trends and is perfect for a timeless, yet modern look.

How do I decide which sets to get which groomsmen?

Consider all options with an open mind before deciding. Your preferences might not mirror your groomsmen’s and their taste matters more when it comes to a special gift such as this. Make sure to carefully register each groomsman’s personal tastes and preferences long before making the final decision. When need be, ask them direct questions without revealing too much about their exquisite gift. Platinum is often best suited for the active gentleman, while rose gold is right up the alley of the modern and trendy friend.

White gold has a more traditional air to it, while yellow gold is the perfect gift for the more outspoken members of your group.

How can I personalize the cufflinks?

The ideal bridal party gift is without a doubt a personalised one. There are many ways to personalise, ranging from their initials carved into their personally selected diamond cufflinks, to meaningful symbols or wedding themed references. A very meaningful gesture, however, is to only personalise the best man’s set of cufflinks. It emphasises their particular special role in both your wedding and your life, and will mean a great deal to them. The perfect present for one of the most important people in your life.

Where can I find the perfect set of diamond cufflinks with which to surprise my groomsmen? How can I make sure they love the personalisation? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect groomsmen gift.

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