• Why buy a gold ring with a sapphire?
  • What’s the symbolism of a green emerald?
  • Why choose an engagement ring with a ruby?

No engagement without an engagement ring! Buying a gold ring is a part of the deal when you’re proposing to someone. But is the extensive collection of engagement rings limited to rings with a diamond? No! If you want to surprise her with an original ring that’s filled with symbolism, you should pick a ring with a coloured gemstone. Curious about the possibilities to really surprise her?

Why buy a gold ring with a sapphire?

For ages the sapphire has been loved by imperial and royal circles. Who doesn’t know the famous engagement ring form Lady Di, that’s now around Kate Middleton’s finger. Furthermore, the sapphire also has a beautiful symbolism. Buying a gold ring with a sapphire symbolises immortality, wisdom and patience.

The clear blue colour of the sapphire guarantees a balanced relationship, wise decisions and tolerance. Three basic ingredients for a successful marriage.

What’s the symbolism of a green emerald?

One of the most iconic engagement rings ever is set with a green emerald. In 1953 John F. Kennedy asked his Jackie to marry him at a restaurant in Boston. Although their story ended tragically, the emerald is still a symbol for love and luck. When you buy a gold ring with an emerald, you give your lover inner peace and physical power.

Above all, the emerald doesn’t only capture our hearts, but also the hearts of the gods. Therefore, it’s the perfect gemstone to capture your lover’s heart for ever.

Why choose an engagement ring with a ruby?

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson was proposed to by Eric Johnson with a beautiful ring with ruby and two diamonds. Rubies symbolise love and passion. The red colour of the ruby is also associated with courage and fighting spirit. This beautiful red gemstone was also often used in the crowns of kings. Thus, ruby jewellery carries a special meaning for centuries.

Buying a gold ring with a ruby is also ideal when your lover loves vintage. For even more sparkle and individuality, you can finish the ring with little diamonds.

In the collection of jewellery with a ruby, sapphire and emerald you can find the perfect jewel in every style. Get inspired or contact BAUNAT for more information. 


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