• What does an engagement ring look like?
  • What characterises a wedding ring?
  • When and how do you wear which ring?

Two rings which can easily be confused! Of course it used to only ever be the engagement ring which would be set with diamonds and the wedding ring was often just a fairly simple yellow gold model. Nowadays both the engagement ring and the wedding ring can be a little more striking, resulting in confusion every now and then. So what is the difference between both? Read this article and allow yourself to be inspired by the extensive collection of diamond engagement rings or wedding rings.   

What does an engagement ring look like?

The engagement ring is generally more noticeable than the wedding ring. The traditional engagement ring obviously includes a diamond. Although there are naturally many more factors you need to consider when searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your loved one. This 3 minute video explains the 4 points of attention for choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Men often opt for the timeless elegance of a solitaire diamond engagement ring, a ring with one beautiful brilliant. Although it’s certainly also a great idea to flank this central diamond with a number of smaller diamonds or even coloured gemstones. You decide!

What characterises a wedding ring?

The wedding ring is usually slightly more modest than the diamond engagement ring. Yet nowadays an increasing number of couples are opting for wedding rings which have been set with diamonds. Yes, even a diamond ring for him is perfectly possible. These days things can definitely be a little more striking. Couples are also increasingly opting for rings which differ from each other.

For example, it’s easier for the woman to choose a wedding ring which perfectly suits her diamond engagement ring, whilst the man will be more inclined to choose a ring which is comfortable. Plus this also allows them to emphasise their own identity within the relationship.

When and how do you wear which ring?

It goes without saying that the engagement ring and wedding ring are placed on the woman’s ring finger at different times. On which hand you wear your engagement ring or wedding ring is highly dependent on your culture and where you come from. Catholics usually wear the diamond engagement ring on their right hand and the wedding ring on their left.

But there are also women who opt to change the hand they wear their engagement ring on during the wedding ceremony. Are you going to opt for tradition, or do you have a personal preference? Anything’s possible!

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