• Which investment do I choose: jewellery or loose diamonds?
  • Why is buying loose diamonds a good investment?
  • What do I pay attention to when investing in diamonds? A checklist.

Investing in raw materials is a secure and reliable choice. Even in time of crisis, raw materials remain stable. Some even continue to rise while others are falling. Which raw material is the best option for an investment? Diamond.

Which investment do I choose: jewellery or loose diamonds?

Investing in diamond jewellery as well as in loose diamonds produces a high return. They both enjoy the intrinsic value of the diamond. Are you going for the stability and certainty of raw materials? Then you should choose loose diamonds.

How do I choose the perfect engagement ring? Here, the value is harder to predict in contrast to loose diamonds. It’s also more difficult to take distance from an engagement ring. In addition, you have to think about style and taste. More worries than with loose diamonds.

Why is buying loose diamonds a good investment?

The average increase of the value of diamonds of no less than 5-15% per year, means that your diamonds will stably render over time. Much more return than the average 0.1% of saving books.

Diamonds enjoy a growing profitability. Because of the increasing purchasing power worldwide there’s a bigger demand for the same supply. In addition, 80% of the diamonds goes to industrial purposes. So, there’s a continuous demand.

How much do I invest in diamonds? It’s your choice. The extensive choice of smaller or larger stones means that you can also invest with a smaller starting budget. Because of their many uses, they are also easy to resell.

What do I pay attention to when investing in diamonds? A checklist.

Where can I buy diamonds?

Buy diamonds from recognized and reliable experts. How do I know if the diamond expert is reliable? With a certificate from GIA or IGI for example. These agencies have been in the business for a long time to prevent abuses. You can also request these certificates when buying diamonds online

What do I pay attention to when buying diamonds?

How much is my diamond worth? This is determined by the important 4C’s: carat, clarity, colour and cut. Your diamond expert measures them with different types of equipment and gives you a well-founded estimation of the value of the stone.

What do I keep in mind after my purchase?

What should I pay attention to after my investment? Almost nothing. The only additional effort you still need to make, is to make your investment even safer. You should get an insurance against loss or theft. In addition, a suitable storage location such as a safe is not a luxury.

When do I sell my diamond?

By investing in a stable rising raw material like diamonds, there’s never a bad moment to sell. In the rare case that diamonds decline in value, you can simply wait until it inevitably starts to rise again.

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