Earrings have a long history and were given different meanings in the past. Often the meaning differs between men and women. Read all about the meaning of earrings here.

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What is the history and general significance of earrings?

The Minoans wore gold earrings long before our time. This civilisation was established on the Greek island of Crete between 3,000 and 1,200 BC. At that time, jewellery was a symbol of the status of the richer class. Gold earrings also appeared in the Bible. While Moses was talking to God on Mount Sinai, his brother and high priest Aaron asked the Israelites to melt down the earrings of their wives, sons and daughters into a golden calf. That image was then worshipped as the God who had delivered them from Egypt.

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Further, we can not imagine a pirate without an earring. They even had a very special meaning. It is thought that the golden earring was a kind of insurance for when pirates and sailors died at sea. When their bodies were washed ashore, the sale of the earrings served to finance their burial. We also saw the gold earrings appearing among fishermen. They wore an earring as an identifying mark for when their ship would perish or also to pay for their funeral.

What do earrings mean to women?

Today, men and women of every race, age and social class wear earrings, with or without diamonds. In some cultures earrings still have a religious meaning. Male Muslims, for example, are not allowed to wear gold jewellery. Some Jewish scholars see gold as a symbol of luxury, which leads to ruin.

In China, there is an old superstition that an earring in the left ear means that this person was once threatened with death. To prevent it from happening again, they wear an earring in the left ear as protection against misfortune.

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What do earrings mean to men?

Earrings are also becoming more and more common for men. We are no longer surprised when we see a man with one or more earrings. Men often choose ear studs in a rather sober colour. Yet even a single pendant can be a statement, think for example of the single pendant with pearl that singer Harry Styles wore at the Met Gala in 2019.
For men, more importance is attached to the side on which he wears an earring. Whether a man's earring is worn on the left or the right side would be a symbol of his orientation. If men wear their earrings on the right, this would indicate that they are homosexual. If they were worn on the left, it would indicate heterosexuality. However, this theory is not known everywhere and there may be regional differences. Gender is also becoming less important in the world of fashion. More and more clothing and jewellery are gender neutral. In the end, it all depends on your own choice. For example, do you always sleep on your right side? Then it is better to wear an earring on your left side so that it does not bother you at night.
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