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What makes the Diamond Museum in Amsterdam worth a visit?

  • What role did the diamond play in Amsterdam’s history?
  • Why is a visit to the Diamond Museum recommended?
  • Where can I choose a diamond myself in Amsterdam?

  • The fact that diamonds have a rich history in Amsterdam isn’t better represented anywhere than in the Diamond Museum. The museum will take you on a journey through time with the use of 10 themes, from the very beginning of the Amsterdam diamond industry to the gemstone’s contemporary role in the Dutch capital.

    What role did the diamond play in Amsterdam’s history?

    Even though Antwerp temporarily took over the role of diamond city from Bruges in the 16th century, the former Belgian role at the top of the diamond industry was only short-lived. The Belgian Protestants fled to the Netherlands after the split of the Northern and Southern Netherlands and took their expertise with them. Diamonds formed an essential part of Amsterdam from 1586. Some of the most famous diamonds, such as the Koh-I-Noor and the Cullinan were cut in Amsterdam.

    Even though the Dutch capital had to relinquish its top position to Antwerp after the Second World War, the city remained a vibrant diamond centre.

    Why is a visit to the Diamond Museum recommended?

    The Diamond Museum doesn’t just show you Amsterdam’s rich diamond history, it immerses you in the unique atmosphere which accompanies the beautiful gemstone in every possible way. Videos, photographs, valuable historic documents and jewellery collections all work together to provide you with a complete experience.

    However, the most extraordinary part of the Amsterdam Diamond Museum is that you can attend a real diamond master class and learn everything there is to know about the craft of diamond cutting.

    Where can I choose a diamond myself in Amsterdam?

    It goes without saying that the collection of diamonds in the Amsterdam Museum isn’t available for touching or taking with you. But that certainly doesn’t mean you need to go home empty-handed. Choose your own exclusive diamond jewellery in BAUNAT’s Amsterdam showroom. You can easily make an appointment and you will receive complete guidance with choosing your favourite piece of jewellery. Once you have placed your order, it will be handmade and sent to you fully insured.

    Where can I find my ideal diamond in Amsterdam? Where can I find out more about this fantastic industry? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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