• Which engagement ring designs look particularly luxurious?
  • What type of diamond to choose for a luxury engagement ring?
  • Coloured diamonds in luxury engagement rings

Engagement rings are very special pieces of jewellery and demonstrate your love towards your partner.  Some of them are more luxurious then others but  makes them a truly exceptional high-quality engagement rings? 


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Which engagement ring designs look particularly luxurious?

People define luxury in many different ways. For some it can be a sensational design, for others it’s a particularly high-quality material, e.g. an extraordinary diamond. For others, it can be just a particularly high price.

In Hollywood, for example, where stars strive for attention, a luxury ring needs the biggest diamond possible. Sometimes having an exaggerated size diamond on your finger could look unsuitable for woman’s delicate fingers and not as elegant.
Luxury engagement ring - Precious engagement ring with emerald cut diamond and encircling diamonds
A luxurious design is primarily characterised by an ideal gemstone setting and perfect craftsmanship. Having a tailor-made engagement that reflects your vision is probably the most unique and opulent item.

Designs in which the central diamond is skilfully highlighted by additional small diamonds, such as a halo engagement ring or pavé diamonds on the ring band, also have a particularly luxurious and noble effect.

What type of diamond to choose for a luxury engagement ring?

Diamonds are considered the king of the precious stones and the ultimate luxury not only because of their beauty given by the fire and sparkle that emanates from but also their hardness when compared to other gemstones. If you are looking for a particularly valuable and high-quality diamond, you must know the 4C. These 4 quality features determine not only the appearance but also the price of colourless diamonds.

For a luxury ring, the carat weight counts as much as the cut, the colour and the clarity and all these features should hit the top marks and have the best qualities. The finest diamonds are free of inclusions (IF for clarity), have a perfect white colour (D and E) and an excellent cut. Such diamonds are often referred to as "investment grade" diamonds  as they are particularly suitable for an investment.

In our collection you will find luxury engagement rings with diamonds

Engagement ring with pink pear-cut diamond - A luxury engagement ring with a rare pink diamond

Coloured diamonds in luxury engagement rings

.Colourless diamonds are rare but even rarer are the so-called "fancy diamonds" or "fancies", the naturally coloured diamonds. During the formation process, the colouring is created by inclusion of certain substances in the crystal lattice of the diamond. These very special diamonds are often only found in a few mines worldwide. The legendary pink, reddish and blue-violet diamonds come from the Argyle Mine in Australia and you can often find them sold  annually  across different auction houses.
Coloured diamonds are rare marvels of nature and the crowning glory for a truly luxurious engagement ring.  Naturally coloured diamonds have consistently increased in value over the years hence they are also considered an excellent investment.

Are you looking for an exceptional, luxurious engagement ring and need help choosing the perfect design and matching diamonds? The expert team from BAUNAT will be happy to advise you and looks forward to hearing from you.

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