• What diamond jewellery matches a beach environment?
  • How can I pick the perfect pieces for icy cold?
  • Which jewellery is perfect for the forest?

Getting married abroad? Taking a long trip to your cabin in the woods? Moving for your job? Then you will want to make sure to pack jewellery for your long trip away. How can I match the atmosphere of my surroundings? Which types of jewellery are the most practical for my new home?

What diamond jewellery matches a beach environment?

White sand beaches and sapphire oceans are the perfect setting to lose yourself in the most luxurious and exotic accessories you can image. Natural themes and coloured metals: anything goes at the exotic and radiant seaside. Mimic the warm glow of the shimmering ocean with your soft sapphire necklace that complements any summer dress. Sandy beaches might get tricky for some jewellery, so steer clear of tiny grains nestling in your priceless pieces by avoiding rings and bracelets, or any other jewellery too close to the ground.

Opt for sparkling necklaces or bubbly earrings reminiscent of the foamy coastline for elegant and practical adornment at your seaside home.

How can I pick the perfect pieces for icy cold?

When moving to snowy mountains, frosty cities or enduring icy winds, you will want to accessorise the parts of your body not covered with hats, scarves, snow boots, gloves or other paraphernalia intended to keep you warm. Statement earrings usually find their way from under your woolly hat and provide an elegant and finished touch to your cosy look. Too windy for dangling earrings? Try a stunning pair of studs with an eye-catching shape or invest in high caratage diamonds. Necklaces will rarely find their way up from beneath your scarf, so no particular characteristics are needed. The same goes for rings under gloves.

Bracelets, on the other hand, can boldly be worn over your coat sleeve. Cuffs are perfect for a statement that is sturdy enough to withstand the climate, but sufficiently elegant to be shown off. To really tie into your chilly surroundings, pick wintery colours such as jewels and diamonds in blue and white with platinum tones.

Which jewellery is perfect for the forest?

Some forests are tropical, others are frozen over, but all of them have an abundance of flora and fauna. You can easily incorporate natural elements into your jewels and diamonds and at the same time choose practical pieces for an outdoorsy look and feel. Depending on the type of forest you live near, you can choose different types of jewels and diamonds in which to invest. When outdoors you need your hands most of the time. Rings will easily get damaged or lost, so opt for other jewellery types. Natural earrings close to your ear or in the elegant shape of beechnuts reflect the forest feeling while remaining practical.

Which jewels and diamonds perfectly match my style and my wardrobe change? How can I safely purchase jewellery after moving abroad? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the jewellery matching your new home.

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