• An overview of what jewellery and which gemstones are the best fit for particular anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries always give you a chance to reflect on the past year (or maybe even past decades) as well as time spent together and the ups and downs along the way. It’s a moment that shows how much marriage has enriched one’s life. It’s not always easy to find the right present, but jewellery always serves as a good gift for your wife. Jewellery fascinates every woman, regardless of if it’s the first, fifth or fiftieth wedding anniversary.

For the 1st wedding anniversary

The wedding was only one year ago, and the memory is still very fresh. This beautiful, warm feeling is best celebrated with gold jewellery. Even if the wedding celebration was a little more luxurious, an ideal and affordable option, for example, would be a golden chain with a small pendant that maybe even has a small diamond.

For the 5th wedding anniversary

Even if it’s referred to as the wooden wedding anniversary, the classic choice for a fifth wedding anniversary is jewellery with one or more sapphires in classic blue. Not only is it truly suitable for everyday use, but it also serves as a small highlight for every outfit and perfectly complements one’s wedding ring.

For the 10th wedding anniversary

The first two-digit anniversary is a great moment – a moment that demands the appropriate level of appreciation. The financial situation is usually sound, so it should be a very special piece for the tenth wedding anniversary. Diamond jewelleryis common, and this can come in the form of an elegant bracelet, a beautiful ring or a noble necklace. Earrings are also a good choice for this anniversary. And don’t forget the flowers – being able to look back on your first decade of marriage calls for it.

For the 15th wedding anniversary

To prove that the fire still burns after a decade and a half, jewellery with rubies is a beautiful gesture. Rubies are available in many interesting colours – from deep, dark red to lighter shades – and they all have a very warm aura. The day is also called a crystal anniversary because after 15 years of marriage, the couple really does know each other inside out – in other words, there are no more secrets.

For the 20th wedding anniversary

After blue and red for five and fifteen years, green completes the colour spectrum on the twentieth wedding anniversary. The stone of choice is emerald, which can be wonderfully combined with both white gold and yellow gold. The emerald symbolises eternal love and health – a combination that pretty much everyone desires. It’s also commonly called the china anniversary – an allusion to the fact that even after two decades, the marriage hasn’t broken.

For the 25th wedding anniversary

The silver wedding anniversary is without a doubt a highlight among all the anniversaries and is usually celebrated accordingly with family and friends. Just as on the tenth anniversary, there is something more to this one; diamond jewellery make for a perfect gift on a silver wedding anniversary. A popular option for this occasion is a memoire ring with engraving – it serves as a permanent reminder of this important date.

For the 30th wedding anniversary

After 30 years of marriage, for the so-called pearl wedding anniversary, traditional jewellery with pearls is gifted. Often, it’s presented as a combination of a classic necklace together with a matching ring. The pearls that are lined up on the necklace stand for the many years the couple have already spent together.

For the 40th wedding anniversary

The fortieth wedding anniversary isn’t called a ruby anniversary for nothing: In former times, the woman’s wedding ring was refined with a red ruby to mark the occasion. It was a sign that even after four decades, the fire of love continues to burn and hasn’t been extinguished. Today, for practical reasons, ruby jewellery is usually given as a gift instead of going through the process of putting a stone in the wedding ring.

For the 50th wedding anniversary

The golden wedding anniversary: It’s a milestone that fewer and fewer couples reach these days and one that truly deserves to be lavishly celebrated. As on your first wedding anniversary, gold jewellery is the top choice for a gift.

For the 60th wedding anniversary

The diamond wedding anniversary recognises an unbelievable 60 years of marriage together. Due to the advanced age of the couple, it is often celebrated in a smaller group. This anniversary is often the last “big one” for many couples, so giving diamond jewellery as a gift to the wife is more than appropriate.

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