• Where does the graduation ceremony come from?
  • Why stackable tailor-made rings are the perfect combination.

The schoolyear is coming to an end and many a student is ready to say goodbye to their studying years and take the plunge into working life. A milestone in a young life, and one worth celebrating. What is the perfect gift for my graduating daughter? What keepsake can she treasure forever?

Where does the graduation ceremony come from?

Graduation is a ceremony that takes place when students have successfully completed their high school or university program and receive their degree. The words `degree` and `graduate` come from the Latin word `gradus` which actually means step. And indeed, these graduations mark the end of a chapter or a step that has been taken and the next step that lies ahead.

The ceremony itself dates back to the 12th century and the ancient universities in Europe where Latin was the only language of scholarship. Furthermore a `universitas` was actually a guild of masters (MAs) that had a license to teach. Hence the step mentioned above was actually two steps, the first being the one giving you admission to a bachelor´s degree and the second being that of the masters with the licence to teach which was the ultimate goals of the scholars.

The act of giving a gift for the ceremony came later, when parents decided it was important to mark the day with something special, an object that the student could keep and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Why stackable tailor-made rings are the perfect combination.

Stackable rings have been in fashion for a few years now and the trend continues through this summer. That is because stackable rings create a modern look, they allow you to wear more than one ring at once on a finger and who does not like a bit of brilliance reflecting the rays of sunshine in the hot summer days?

These are some of the reasons why they make the perfect graduation gift for a young lady on a special day. But if you want to take it a little further, why not choose the option of a tailor-made ring design? It would give you the certainty that your gift is truly unique, as you will have entirely created the design from the beginning.

The tailor-made ring process is very simple:

A. You choose an existing design you like, or you draw your own.

B. You make an appointment with a jewellery expert to assist you in the process of choosing the metal, the size and the final design.

C. You finalise the budget.

D. You let the magic happen and the goldsmith creates your unique tailor-made ring.

If you are looking for talented jewellery experts, look no further. BAUNAT has a team of specialised people that will be delighted to assist you in the creation of your very own tailor-made ring. Your ring will be handcrafted by local goldsmiths based in Antwerp, in the very heart of the Diamond district.

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