Nowadays, it is quite common to get engaged and married more than once, meaning you might find yourself in the market for a 2nd engagement ring. While some couples might choose not to buy a ring the second time around, many feel it symbolises this new relationship and adventure.


One thing that is certain is that your circumstances are likely to have changed in the interim between your marriages, so the perfect engagement ring for a second marriage can go in opposite directions. You may find yourself on a stricter budget and therefore want to choose a smaller, subtler design, or, thanks to the financial security that being older brings, you can decide to finally get the ring of your dreams.



Purchasing a 2nd engagement ring on a tighter budget

Divorce and separation can be very costly, so many couples getting engaged for the 2nd time may find that they are on a tighter budget than the first time, especially if they have already started their families.

If that is the case, it is important to choose something that will represent your love, staying within your budget. Subtle and simple designs such as a symbolic trilogy ring or a classic solitaire would make the perfect 2nd engagement ring in this case. You could also consider using an heirloom ring, perhaps worn by your parents or grandparents, if this is possible within your family.

Buying the ring of your dreams

The other option is going in the complete opposite direction because you have financial stability and a larger budget and choosing the 2nd engagement ring of your dreams.

When a couple marries earlier in their adult lives, they are often on a lower income, as they may be at the start of their careers or decide to invest in housing instead. But this is your second engagement, so maybe you can go big and sparkly and really make a statement with a wonderful, stunning ring. From a unique and original designer ring to tailor-made designs that mirror your ideas, the choice is yours.

If you decide to go for a tailor-made ring, whether you design it as a surprise for your loved one or you design it together, it is probably the most original idea of all. With this option, you can be certain that you will be the only person in the world with this design, making it as special as this 2nd engagement.

BAUNAT offers a complete tailor-made service from the drawing to the manufacturing of the ring. Do not hesitate to contact BAUNAT’s team to book an appointment in one of its many private showrooms.
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