Red gold is in the ascendancy.Just think of the ever popular  red gold wristwatches, Smartphones, tablets and even cars.  It is a sophisticated colour that is just that little bit unusual, eccentric and personal. Ideal for those who prefer to be unorthodox.  But what is red gold? And why is it so popular among both men and women?

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What is red gold?

Pure gold is a metal that always has a yellow hue and is too soft to be intensively used for jewellery.  Pure gold rings (24 carats) would scratch and dent in no time. Therefore, gold is melted with other metals to produce a more robust, durable result.

But what is red gold? Similar to  yellow gold  and  white gold, red gold is an alloy of the pure gold element, with a few other metals added, primarily silver and copper that lends the red gold its fabulous pink/pearl colour.
The desire for gold must be humanity's most universal, deep-rooted instinct.
What is the composition of red gold? The gold, copper and silver ratio ultimately determines the colour of the jewellery.  For example, a deep red gold 18 carat (ct) item of jewellery comprises 75% gold and 25% copper, whereas a rosier item of jewellery will comprise, say, 75% gold, 20% copper and 5% silver.  Every goldsmith has their unique mix they adhere to.

What is the history behind red gold?

We can attribute the 'discovery' of red goldto Peter Carl Fabergé, goldsmith and court jeweller to the last Russian tsars.  He is purported to have been the first to blend gold and copper. His best-known creations are the so-called Fabergé eggs: highly valuable eggs made of gold,  platinum  and  precious stones  that the tsars gifted at Easter.  There are 42 eggs left and are worth millions. Red gold is crafted into a few of them.
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The red gold trend is nothing new. Its muted, romantic appearance made the precious metal extremely popular in Victorian England, as well as during the Roaring Twenties.  Currently it is all the rage with millennials as the charm and warmth of red gold is perceived as a backlash to the minimalism that prevailed around the turn of the century. It embodies optimism, creativity and individuality.

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Who suits red gold?

The good news is that red gold suits everyone really well. Whereas yellow gold is usually recommended for people with a warm, yellow skin tone and white gold accentuates a cooler, pink undertone, red gold complements both. This is hardly surprising really, seeing that the colour of red gold, which tends towards silvery-pink, combines a warm and cold look and feel.
Red gold is also perfect for people who are allergic to nickel; around 10% of the population in fact.
So, what is the best choice? All gold alloys are comparable in price and popularity, but red gold stands at the forefront in terms of durability. The greatest difference lies in the colour. And that, of course, is a purely subjective preference. Whilst yellow gold boasts a traditional, timeless appearance, white gold is somewhat more contemporary, and red gold has a subtle, romantic, feminine aura. Red gold is a conscious choice.
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There's no reason of course why you can't combine different precious metals; so-called stackable rings have been popular for a long time now and can reflect your distinctive style perfectly.

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How do I look after my red gold jewellery?

Subject to proper care, red gold will not lose its lustre. The copper in the alloy helps make red gold jewellery durable. Indeed, copper is a highly robust metal. This means red gold is relatively scratch-resistant and can take a knock or two.  A repolish may be required from time to time, but generally speaking, red gold is regarded as an excellent choice for people with an active lifestyle.

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Which precious metals are there, and which will suit me best?

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