An engagement ring is the ring you put on your loved one's finger the moment you propose. Thus, you can show the outside world you belong together, and are promised to each other. Often, the engagement ring has a striking stone or diamond as an extra eye-catcher.

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The origin of the engagement ring

The history of the engagement ring dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. But then, only only the nobility could afford a ring. The rest of the population gave a gift at an engagement, but that wasn't a ring.

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An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed that the 'vena amoris', a vein that is directly connected to our hearts, ran through that finger. It may be a romantic myth, but we still wear our engagement ring on the left ring finger.
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What is the current meaning of an engagement ring?

By giving and accepting an engagement ring, a couple makes a promise of marriage to each other. Its round shape symbolizes the infinite love between two people. In addition, different designs can also have different meanings.

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The ultimate classic among the engagement rings is the solitaire engagement ring. This simple ring has a striking central diamond. Because diamonds are virtually indestructible and rare, this stone is also a symbol of eternal love. Another classic engagement ring is the trilogy ring. This ring has three diamonds symbolising the past, present and future. That's why its so sought after as an engagement ring.
The alliance or eternity ring is a minimalist engagement ring. Several small diamonds are aligned side by side. This creates a sober but very elegant look that also makes the ring popular with men. They are extremely suitable as an engagement ring as they also represent a symbol of infinite love.
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Finally, you can also opt for a ‘Toi et Moi’ ring. That's a ring with two diamonds in a sober design. The two diamonds refer to the connection between two souls and are of similar size to symbolize the balance in the relationship.

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Alternatives to an engagement ring

Not every woman likes to wear rings. For some jobs, wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring is even prohibited for hygienic or safety reasons. In that case, you can give her a necklace so she can wear her rings close to her heart. And what about other diamond jewellery as an alternative for the engagement ring? You could opt for an engagement bracelet, for example. An extra advantage of the engagement bracelet is that you don't have to bend over backwards to secretly find out her ring size.

Want to know more about engagement rings?

If you have any questions about buying an engagement ring, BAUNAT will be happy to assist you with advice and expertise. Read more in one of the articles below.

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