Large, striking jewellery is all the rage again. A flashback to the 1920s with striking cocktail rings, enormous earrings and other statement accessories.  We provide some tips on how to wear and combine these jewellery pieces.

What is a cocktail ring and what does it mean? A cocktail ring is a large, striking ring that is often set with a large precious stone. Their vibrant brilliance makes these rings ideal for, say, cocktail parties, hence its name.

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The story behind the cocktail ring

Cocktail rings first came onto the scene during the 1920s in America, during Prohibition.  Cocktails were served at illegal parties, usually to keep the low quality of the strong bootleg drinkable.  Well-to-do ladies attended these parties and wished to show they were self-reliant.
A halo ring is an excellent example of a woman's cocktail ring - BAUNAT
So cocktail rings were big, perhaps blatant, but most certainly very striking.  Gold rings were set with a  large centre precious stone, in all colours, surrounded by smaller diamonds. A halo ring comes the closest therefore to an original cocktail ring.

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Cocktail rings now

A woman's cocktail ring - BAUNAT
It isn't the case that as of a particular size the term cocktail ring can be used.  So, what is a cocktail ring then? It undoubtedly has to be large and striking. Its effect varies, of course, on any other jewellery you might be wearing, and your overall style.  If all you wear with your cocktail ring are a few  thin, subtle rings, it will appear far bigger than it is.

Cocktail rings are often more valuable as well, as they are frequently set with a large diamond or several large precious stones. Themore extravagant they are, the costlier they are. Be aware though that the market is being flooded with extravagant, flamboyant cocktail rings of dubious quality.  But quality, stylish, timeless cocktail rings are to be found. Indeed, the BAUNAT collection includes a number of rings that can certainly be classified as cocktail rings.
Our white gold entourage ring with an oval sapphire and round diamonds is a prime example. The striking blue  sapphire  immediately draws the eye, which is the precise intention of a cocktail ring.  Or, there is always the emerald variant if you prefer. How about our 5.80 Carat yellow gold ring with marquise and round diamonds? This exclusive jewellery is guaranteed to draw all attention on you. What's the betting your ring soon becomes the evening's main topic of conversation?

Take a closer look at this beautiful sapphire entourage ring

How to wear a cocktail ring?

A cocktail ring is typically worn on the  right hand. This is to nip any confusion with an engagement or wedding ring in the bud.  Mostly, women wear the cocktail ring on its own so as not to detract from it. Would you though prefer to  combine it with other rings? If so, opt for simple, thin rings, like  stackable rings , for example.
Always wear a cocktail ring on your right hand

What are the best occasions for wearing a cocktail ring?

We advise you save it for appropriate occasions, like a gala event or a cocktail party.  They are less suitable for everyday wear, precisely because they are so striking and extraordinary.

Try too to always match the rest of your jewellery and clothing with your cocktail ring.  As it will most likely be the showpiece of your outfit.  A little black dress is ideal for a party and sets the stage perfectly for your striking coloured ring.

What jewellery is best combined with a cocktail ring? Browse BAUNAT's online collection. Which occasions best lend themselves to wearing my cocktail ring?  Consult the jewellery experts at BAUNAT for style tips.

What other designs are there?

There's no doubt that cocktail rings make you stand out from the crowd. A stylish accessory to complete your outfit with. What other styles of rings are a must in your jewellery box? Which styles are for everyday wear and can be combined? Find out here.
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