• How does Stepanian find his diamonds?
  • Where does he trade his loot?
  • Where can you buy diamonds?

Yes, it’s possible! In fact: the New Yorker Raffi Stepanian has turned ‘finding diamonds’ into his job. How does he do it? Scouring the streets and gutters every day and thoroughly inspecting the waste out on the streets. An original daily task, which is apparently paying off. The man scrapes together a weekly wage of around €750. Certainly something to consider when you’re about to buy diamonds as an investment or as jewellery?

How does Stepanian find his diamonds?

The man simply spots gold and small gemstones in amongst the smallest street grooves or in chewing gum. A unique gift! Armed with a magnet, butter knife and tweezers, he scrapes together a significant amount of rubies, diamonds and gold. Sometimes he will put mud through a sieve like a traditional gold digger.

So where does his surprising weekly wage come from? According to Stepanian, the valuables make their way to West 47th Street, New York’s City ’s Diamond District, via people from the local diamond sector, who either buy, sell or process diamonds every day. 

Watch the YouTube video of Stepanian at work here.

Where does he trade his loot?

According to Stepanian, the valuables have become stuck on the employees’ clothing and shoes. He therefore starts his daily task once the shops in this district close their doors. As a ruined jeweller, he regards his findings as a reward from God. However, the shopkeepers involved with buying and selling diamonds think differently.

After all, the ‘city miner’ often sells his loot back to the people who originally dropped it.

Where can you buy diamonds?

Have you also been charmed by valuables like gold and diamonds, but you don’t feel like crawling around the streets on your hands and knees? You don’t even need to leave your home to buy diamonds. These days buying diamonds can very easily and safely be done online. And it’s even cheaper than buying them in physical shops.

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