Certain factors that affect your body can cause your diamond ring to no longer fit. This is also the case with a pregnancy. Many women have swollen fingers during pregnancy because of fluid retention. If your ring still does not fit one or two months after delivery, it is best to have it adjusted.

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How can a diamond ring be adjusted?

Before having your diamond ring adjusted, you must first know your correct ring size. For this, you can order a plastic ring sizer from BAUNAT, free of charge. The right time to measure your ring size is in the evening when your fingers are warm. Repeat the measurement several times to ensure an accurate result.

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Does the ring need to be reduced or enlarged? With a reduction, a piece of precious metal at the bottom is removed, and the ring is soldered back together. For an enlargement, an extra piece of metal is added.

Which rings can be adjusted?

In principle, any ring design that is not fully set with diamonds can be adjusted afterwards. However, this can slightly weaken your ring. Most jewellers cannot adjust titanium rings since the traditional approach of cutting and soldering does not work with this metal.

Find information on the correct ring size here, or contact the experts at BAUNAT via telephone, email or chat for additional advice.

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