• Why does my ring no longer fit during and after my pregnancy?
  • How is a diamond ring adjusted?
  • Which rings can be adjusted?


Did he buy a brilliant ring for your proposal? That’s how it should be. And of course, you want to wear your engagement ring for life, just like your wedding ring. Are you expecting children after your wedding? Then you probably won’t be able to wear your rings for a while. But why doesn’t your ring fit after the pregnancy? How can you enlarge or reduce your ring

Why does my ring no longer fit during and after my pregnancy?

You don’t buy a brilliant ring with the intention to lock it in a box. But there are factors, like a pregnancy, that influence our body so that the ring suddenly no longer fits. Lots of women experience swollen fingers during their pregnancy due to fluid retention.

It’s also possible that even after the pregnancy, the ring still doesn’t fit. It’s not really an option to buy a new brilliant ring. The ring still doesn’t fit after a month? Get it adjusted.

How is a diamond ring adjusted?

It’s possible that you get a different ring size after your pregnancy. Let a jeweler take your new ring size or order a plastic ring sizer for free. It is important to measure your ring size at the right time of the day. This is when your fingers are warm in the evening. Repeat the measurement a few times to be sure. Both to have your ring adjusted and when you want to buy a new ring.

Does the ring need a reduction? Then the jeweler will take out some pieces of precious metal and solder it again. To enlarge it, he will have to cut open the ring and place an extra piece of precious metal in between.

Which rings can be adjusted?

Normally every ring can be reduced or enlarged. But as a consequence, the ring will always have a weak spot. Did your partner buy a brilliant ring in platinum? Keep in mind that you will always see a line where the jeweler made the adjustment. Most jewelers aren’t able to adjust titanium rings because the traditional way of cutting of soldering isn’t possible for this metal.

A brilliant ring that is set with stones is hard to adjust, but not impossible. But the ring can only be adjusted for a limited number of times.

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