• What exactly is onyx?
  • When is onyx typically given as a gift?
  • Why would I choose diamond cufflinks inlaid with the mineral?

Just imagine walking into a majestically formal hall filled with exciting people with whom you would love to mingle. It is only a matter of time before your exquisite diamond cufflinks catch their eye and the conversation turns to you. What are they made of? Why did you get these particular cufflinks?

What exactly is onyx?

Onyx is a mineral like marble and quartz and is only found in Arizona, Mexico and Algeria. It is a layered stone which comes in different colours. The most well-known type of onyx, and the type most often used in jewellery, is black. Other types are sardonyx with brown and white layers, and carnelian onyx composed of red and white layers. Onyx is often dyed completely black to achieve a monochrome black look or heat treated to intensify the colour, processes which never decrease its value.

The smooth lustre of onyx is accompanied by a Mohs scale hardness of 7, making it a sturdy and durable finish to any diamond jewellery.

When is onyx typically given as a gift?

Throughout history, onyx has always been granted mythical powers and meanings. It was, among other things, said to relief worry, to soothe restless emotions and to strengthen the heart. It was also traditionally equated with the month of December, making it the perfect gift for December holidays such as Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. Besides being the perfect gift for December occasions, it is also traditionally gifted for the seventh and tenth wedding anniversary. Some cultures linked onyx to the zodiac belt, making it ideal for Leo’s. 

Why would I choose diamond cufflinks inlaid with the mineral?

Diamond cufflinks with onyx are the perfect gift for him for any occasion. Although they are perfect for any formal occasion, cufflinks really suit any type of dress code. Different types of precious metals drastically alter the look and feel of the piece, making them ideal for casual chic events as well as black tie occasions. Moreover, they suit any personal style as well. Rose gold is perfect for the trendy gentleman, while yellow and white gold make the ideal match for the more traditional type. Finally, combining dark onyx with grey-white platinum is perfect for a contemporary and sleek look.

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