• Which diamond jewellery do I need for my bridal set?
  • What type of bridesmaids jewellery should I pick?
  • Which jewellery is fit for the groom?

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life. Picking a venue, getting the perfect dress, writing invitations, choosing diamond jewellery and much more is made easy with the help of your bridal party, whom go above and beyond to help you make it perfect. Which means they deserve a thank you gift for the ages. But what gift should I get my bridesmaids? What says ‘thank you’ like nothing else could?

What type of bridesmaids jewellery should I pick?

Another rising tradition is to gift diamond jewellery to your bridesmaids. Although it is unclear where exactly the tradition started, it has become customary for brides to thank their bridesmaids’ contribution to their wedding with a valuable gift. What better way to give them a lifelong keepsake of your wedding than diamond jewellery? Many brides give each bridesmaid an individual gift, depending on what they like to wear and what suits their style day to day, making the precious gift a beautiful addition to their jewellery box.

Maids of honour are a different category altogether. What if I do not want to buy all of my bridesmaids jewellery? Then opt for a different and personal gift for the rest of the party, and splurge on your maid of honour.

Which jewellery is fit for the groom?

Not only bridesmaids, brides and maids of honour tend towards diamonds jewellery. Grooms and groomsmen appreciate such a precious keepsake just as much. As with the bridesmaids, many grooms choose to gift their groomsmen a stylish accessory to wear on their wedding day and far after as a valuable keepsake and useful addition to their wardrobe.

One of the most stylish and prevalent choices for groomsmen gifts is a unifying and subtle pair of precious cufflinks. They are the perfect finishing touch for any wedding ensemble, and every ensemble after.

Which diamond jewellery do I need for my bridal set?

Before you start exploring jewellery collections for the perfect gifts for your bridal party, make sure your own wedding set is accounted for. Take care to pick jewellery that not only matches your dress and the theme of your big day, but that you will also want to wear long after. When you have found a selection of jewellery that completely matches your style and other demands, pick pieces that complement your dress. Consider neckline, colour and overall feel before making your choice. Would you like your bridesmaids to match? Then choose a toned-down version of the same style jewellery.

Where can I find the perfect bridesmaids or groomsmen gifts? What should I get for the maid of honour and best man? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for guidance in finding the perfect gift.

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