• What types of diamond jewellery does every jewellery box need?
  • How can I mix and match jewellery from different sets?
  • What styles of jewellery do I need?

Every jewellery box needs basic pieces of jewellery depending on what you like to wear. Although you would do best not to invest in diamond jewellery you will never wear, certain accessories you just cannot miss. Which pieces of jewellery do I need?

What types of diamond jewellery does every jewellery box need?

If you like wearing earrings, a pair of subtle diamond studs and a statement set are both an integral part of your collection. Diamond studs bring a subtle glisten to any formal or toned-down outfit, and even flawlessly complement a bold and colourful outfit when need be. Your statement diamond earrings, on the other hand, are perfect to spruce up a casual wardrobe for balmy summer eves or to add some daring elegance to your thick winter clothes. The same goes for diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Make sure to invest in pieces you will constantly want to wear. Go for a classic white gold tennis bracelet or a bold cuff when you love a sparkly wrist but opt for something else if you tend to leave your bracelets at home.

How can I mix and match jewellery from different sets?

Contrary to what many women think, mixing metals and different sets can form quite the fashion statement. Wear your subtle pieces together for a formal event and mix and match between them for a toned-down, but unusual addition to your evening wear. Subtle diamond studs or an elegant white gold tennis bracelet do well combined with bold statement pieces as an added touch of sparkle, without overpowering the rest. On the other hand, that same white gold tennis bracelet is easily turned into a statement itself by adding the yellow gold and rose gold variety on the same wrist.

You should, however, never wear statement pieces too close together. Your big and bold necklace makes an elegant match with your white gold tennis bracelet but should never be combined with your daring statement earrings.

What styles of jewellery do I need?

The styles of jewellery you choose, are completely up to you. Besides investing in elegant matching sets, you should also dare to choose pieces that do not match for a versatile and flexible jewellery collection that always has what you need. Moreover, investing in variations of the same types of jewellery help build a sensible and fashionable collection as well. For instance, adding a yellow gold and a rose gold version of your white gold tennis bracelet to the mix not only allows for that beautiful statement when worn together. They will never go out of style and you will always be able to pick the perfect colour for every outfit.

Where can I find the perfect diamond jewellery to add to my collection? How can I be sure I am picking the right pieces for my style? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect piece.

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