• What pre-wedding elements can I make regal?
  • Which typically royal elements are a must-have?
  • What types of jewellery are key?

With Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s spring wedding coming up, it is the perfect time to take a closer look at what exactly makes royal weddings so typically royal. What types of jewellery do they wear? How is the ceremony arranged? How can I make my wedding feel royal?

What pre-wedding elements can I make royal?

Making your wedding royal does not just mean looking like a prince or princess, it begins at the very beginning: invitations. Prince Harry’s royal wedding invitations are tailored after the typical royal invitations with a gold monogram on top, a highly elegant font and the invitation being addressed by a materfamilias or paterfamilias instead of the bride and groom. Along the same lines, wedding response cards are key for every wedding. At Prince William and Kate’s wedding, the response cards were in the same style as the royal invitations.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle added a more modern twist by also allowing guests to respond through e-mail. That means this one is mostly up to you, as long as your response cards are up to par with your regal invitations.

Which typically royal elements are a must-have?

Contrary to most civilian weddings, royals tend to organize the ceremony, and everything connected to it, during the day. Even though you can still opt for an evening event, make sure to start early and incorporate breakfast after the ceremony and a reception close to teatime. Besides the events of the day itself, small details also carry much weight. Traditionally, the bouquet holds myrtle, which is symbolic for happiness and prosperity. Besides the myrtle, other flowers are also incorporated for their symbolic meaning rather than look. Take care to research which flowers you want at your wedding and what they represent.

In the United Kingdom it is not only customary for royal weddings but for all weddings to have children in the ceremony. Page boys and flower girls are usually very young and replace the well-known American tradition of having bridesmaids and groomsmen.

What types of jewellery are key?

Picking the perfect regal engagement ring depends entirely on how you decide to get engaged as a couple. If you join your spouse-to-be in their search of the ring, you can easily guide them towards a sapphire ring with round diamonds or brilliants that resembles Diana’s ring, which now belongs to Kate. If not, give him plenty of hints beforehand. Make sure your jewellery holds the same meaning as your bouquet if you end up choosing floral pieces. Brilliants will shine bright no matter what, so make sure to put them in symbolic floral jewellery. Finally, no royal wedding would be complete without the brilliant shine of a tiara and an impressive wedding ring.

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