• Which trends are evident for the year ahead?
  • How can I choose an engagement ring which is trendy, yet timeless?
  • How can I choose the right meaning with my engagement ring?

Diamond engagement rings have formed an essential part of the wedding tradition forever and a day, but are still subject to trends and changes. Even though certain types of rings, like the solitaire engagement ring, will always continue to enjoy global popularity, other trendy variations are available too. Which trendy engagement ring will I be sliding onto my finger in 2018?

Which trends are evident for the year ahead?

The traditional engagement ring will be given a new twist during the year ahead. Of course 2018 will be all about the elegance which a diamond represents for a very special piece of jewellery, but also a little different somehow. First of all, there is a great deal of support for an elongated diamond, such as a pear, emerald or oval. The round diamond continues to be as beautiful as ever, but an elongated shape will add a personal touch. The total personalisation with a coloured diamond will also be gaining in popularity during the year ahead. Colours are also becoming more popular with precious metals, with a special place reserved for red gold.

The diamond eternity ring is back from never having been gone. This can be effectively combined with a stacking ring after the engagement and will result in extra sparkle in your jewellery box.

How can I choose an engagement ring which is trendy, yet timeless?

Opting for trendy diamond engagement rings can ultimately result in a dated piece of jewellery. Even though diamonds can effectively stand the test of time and can virtually always age beautifully, your best option is not to put too much focus on current trends. It’s thereby particularly important to choose something you really love and which perfectly suits your personal style. This will allow you to combine rings and other jewellery with your extraordinary engagement ring in a finished and timeless look.

Even when opting for a classic engagement ring, it’s still vital to choose one which perfectly suits your personal style and the rest of your jewellery collection.

How can I choose the right meaning with my engagement ring?

Choosing from all the different possible engagement rings can be quite a challenge. As you know, make sure you choose a ring which fully complements your personal style. But the symbolic value of the type of ring can also help with your choice. For example, the eternity ring presents eternal love and loyalty with diamonds all around, just like the brilliant solitaire with the central round stone. The trilogy ring symbolises your past, present and future in three beautiful diamonds. It’s again of the utmost importance that the ring perfectly fits in with your personal taste.

Where can I find engagement rings which say exactly what I want to say? Which extraordinary engagement ring perfectly suits me? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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