Are you looking for a new alternative to classic bridal sets? Then the diamond stacking rings are for you. Stackable rings are the modern twist to the bridal set. They offer such versatility with a modern look, no wonder they are gaining popularity so quickly. Let’s have a look into why they are the new bridal trend.

  • Diamond stacking rings, the new bridal trend
  • How do I choose stackable diamond rings?

Diamond stacking rings, the new bridal trend

Stackable rings have been in fashion for a couple of years now and they are particularly appreciated because they offer such freedom of combinations and styles.

Given the already existing bridal set trend, it was obvious that women were going to love incorporating diamond stacking rings to a classic set of wedding jewellery.

The main advantage of buying diamond stacking rings as an engagement and wedding rings is that not only you can wear them both separately and together, but you can also very easily add a ring to the collection later on. A ring for each anniversary or special occasion that you would like to celebrate.

These diamond stacking rings, can be interchangeable and worn in so many different ways that it truly stimulates creativity.

How do I choose stackable diamond rings?

This question seems to be asked by many of us as indeed there are many stackable ring options out there. There is no right answer here, but the one important thing we believe about diamond stacking rings is that they have to slide comfortably on your finger and while wearing 3 or 4 of them, it should look sophisticated and elegant.

Nevertheless, in terms of designs, there are many options to choose from thereby making it a fun and interactive experience. For instance, you may choose simple bands each set with one diamond, or more elaborate ringssprinkled with minute diamonds. You may also decide to mix different metal colours and multiple ring designs.

The choice is yours, follow your heart and let your creativity flow to find your own personal style.

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