Buying jewellery is like going on an adventure, you look at various designs, visit different jewellers and try various pieces on until you find that one ring or necklace that made your eyes sparkle. But just like when you are organising a journey, you need to take into account a few things before buying jewellery, and these are craftsmanship, diamonds and design.

  • Finest craftsmanship
  • High quality diamonds
  • Timeless designs

Finest craftsmanship

When you are looking to buy a unique piece of jewellery, you want an experience and a piece that will remind you of this special day. But above all, you want high quality that will last a lifetime.

Craftsmanship is one of the most important factors you need to consider when purchasing jewellery as it is the guarantee of a well-made piece, created with durable materials that can be passed on as an heirloom to the next generations.

High quality diamonds

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” we all know the main lyrics of the great song sung by Marilyn Monroe, and who are we to contradict this? Diamonds are forever and their brilliance, fire and scintillation have truly made it the most popular stone throughout the generations and the myriad of cultures present on Earth.

How are you guaranteed that the diamond you are buying is authentic and of the quality you are expecting? By making sure it is accompanied by a diamond grading report from a reputed laboratory such as GIA or HRD.

Example of a diamond grading report by GIA of one of BAUNAT’s qualitative diamonds

These laboratories will give you the guarantee that the diamond you are willing to purchase is the one that was analysed and certified thanks to a laser inscription of the certificate number on the girdle of the diamond. Furthermore, the diamonds are graded according to a very specific grading system that guarantees that what is described on the certificate corresponds to the characteristics of the diamond you have in your hand.

Timeless designs

Another point that is worth mentioning is the design. Although every year trends come and go, there are some specific designs and styles that remain. These lasting designs are the key to making sure you are buying a striking piece of jewellery that you can wear throughout your life.

To achieve that, you may look for a piece of jewellery that is made by a talented designer with a keen eye on beauty and an understanding of fashion. This will, in a way, guarantee that you will buy a truly perennial piece of a collection.

Are you looking at buying a special piece of jewellery? BAUNAT is ideal for you as not only we offer a wonderful selection of diamonds that are purchased directly at the source, but also beautiful designs created by a talented team of designers and our jewellery is manufactured locally by the best artisans Antwerp has to offer. Do not hesitate to browse through our collections or to contact us for further queries.

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