Buying something as valuable as fine jewellery online requires a bit of preparation and research as you are not able to physically look at the piece of jewellery you are interested, You need to make sure the company is reliable and offers the quality you expect. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will help you choose the best website to buy fine jewellery.

  • Buying fine jewellery do’s
  • Buying fine jewellery don’ts

Buying fine jewellery do’s

On top of the list stands the quality and craftsmanship. As you are about to buy a valuable piece of jewellery without seeing it, you need to trust the online jeweller to fulfil your expectations regarding the quality.

In this case, it is important to ensure the online company either creates and manufactures their fine jewellery locally or they do it through a reliable supplier. A product warranty also helps with consumer confidence as often large jewellers trust their quality to the point where they can offer a product warranty because they know that what they offer is outstanding.

A further requirement when buying fine jewellery online is the diamond certificate. High quality diamonds need to have been graded by a reputable laboratory that certifies the diamond is what it is. We recommend buying from an online jeweller that recognises that and is happy to provide you with a certificate upon request.

Buying fine jewellery online is easy, but you need a trustworthy jeweller like BAUNAT

Buying fine jewellery don’ts

If a website seems off or you notice some discrepancies, then stay away from it. A website needs to be secure and to have been verified by a recognised Trustmark provider. That will give you the certainty it is reliable and secure.

Although you are judging a piece of jewellery by a photo, the overall quality of the website, the photos, the information regarding the company and the people working there can tell you all that you need. If the quality does not look appropriate and the website is lacking informaiton and transparency then it is not reliable.

The third don’t is return policy. If there is no return policy, since you are buying fine jewellery online and you have the right to not like the design or fit, you should be able to return it if necessary.

Are you looking at buying fine jewellery online? Then BAUNAT is your best partner. We not only offer a wonderful selection of diamonds that are purchased directly at the source, but also beautiful jewellery that is manufactured locally by the best artisans Antwerp has to offer. Do not hesitate to browse through our collections or to contact us for further queries.

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