Jewellery, services, furniture, just about anything can be bought or researched for online. So once your partner has proposed to you and you start planning your wedding, why not use a wedding planner online? Most of the tasks that are required in terms of logistics, can be done through a wedding planner online. Here is an outline of the various tools that can be used and how they could help you while organising your fabulous wedding.

  • Wedding planner online: apps or websites?
  • What are the main tasks you can easily complete online?

Wedding planner online: apps or websites?

Planning your own wedding can be a very stressful time for both you and your partner, it involves so many different variables that it may seem never ending.

This is when we are particularly thankful for today’s technology advancements and for all the companies that are on the internet, offering great planning tools online to help save you both time and stress. Not to mention that most wedding planners online offer these services free of charge.

Both apps and websites are very useful in different ways. The apps function more like a checklist reminder or calendar, where you can quickly access the various tasks that will be coming up in the near future.

The app can also give you quick answers to certain questions you may ask yourself about the organisation and eventually contact details.

The websites, that sometimes also offer a parallel app service, are considerably more complete. The wedding planners online share with you ideas of themes, locations, catering services and more. They are extremely useful to give you a clear overview of all the tasks that await and how to proceed efficiently with each one of them.

Wedding planning is an adventure, why not use an online wedding planner to help? - BAUNAT

What are the main tasks you can easily complete online?

There are several tasks that you can easily complete by using a wedding planner online. The main advantage being that all of these tasks are found within one folder, the website itself.

The first one is the guest list. Online planners allow you to set up a guest list and easily go back to it to make any additions or changes whenever you need to. They are very handy to keep track of your budget and all your expenses.

Furthermore, most wedding planners online offer a “My Supplier” tool that allows you to keep track of the various suppliers you will be using for the different services, you may even be able to save conversations you have had with them through the planner’s instant messaging tool.

All of these and many more tasks can easily be planned through a wedding planner online, don’t hesitate to find the best one for you.

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