• How can I keep my family close?
  • With which symbolic gestures can I enrich my diamond locket?
  • How can I personalise my locket?

Diamond lockets are the embodiment of more romantic times, even if you only wear them as an accessory. However, they can do so much more. Keep small treasures inside and give your locket a whole new meaning. What can I keep inside of my locket? What types of changes can I make? Discover 10 options at BAUNAT.

How can I keep my family close?

  • Pictures and portraits

Using lockets to keep pictures and portraits of loved ones by your side is probably the most well-known use of the romantic jewellery piece. Keep your children, parents, siblings and loves ones close by hiding a portrait of them inside.

  • Trinkets and art work

Another fun way to add your children to your locket is to shrink some of their artwork with a copier or at a professional photographer’s. A small handprint or colourful drawing bring great charm to your already unique piece. You can also choose to pick out small charms or birth stones representing the people closest to you.

  • Remembering lost ones

Pictures, portraits and trinkets can also be a tremendous comfort when loved ones have passed away. Keeping them close to your heart can make you feel as if they are always around. Moreover, many even choose to keep ashes inside of their locket for a comforting feeling of closeness.

With which symbolic gestures can I enrich my diamond locket?

  • Lace from your wedding dress

Diamond lockets are rising in popularity as a wedding gift, and with good reason. Not only do they carry great meaning when presented to the bride with kind wishes for the future inside, she can also use it as a keepsake of her beautiful day by adding some lace from her wedding dress to the message inside.

  • Natural elements

Keepsakes can take many forms and shapes, while always perfectly fitting inside your locket. Collect sand from the beach on your honeymoon or dry tiny leaves from your romantic trip to the mountains as a romantic reminder of your time together.

  • Meaningful quotes

Song lyrics, lines of poetry or meaningful messages can mean a lot to a person. Write the most inspiring, encouraging and important quotes you live by on beautiful pieces of paper and read them whenever you need. To many, just knowing they are there carries great significance.

How can I personalise my locket?

  • Engraving words

Personalising your diamond locket need not stop at what you carry inside. To make sure your locket is deeply personal, consider engraving meaningful words on the inside. Important quotes, life motto’s or names of people you love are all inspired options.

  • Engraving symbols and shapes

Not only words can hold great meaning, symbols and shapes can be just as significant. Engrave the skyline of the city where you met, the coordinates of where he proposed or the zodiac signs of your children for a subtle, but everlasting personal touch.

  • Perfume

Finally, you can add solid perfume to an empty locket, as people have been doing since the 16th century. You need not restrict yourself to your own preferred perfume but can instead add the favourite scent of a loved one you miss. Make sure the perfume you add is all-natural as to not damage the precious metal of your diamond locket and take care to neatly keep it on the inside of the locket.

Where can I find the perfect diamond locket for my tastes? How can I personalise the locket for someone else? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect symbolic gift.

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