Superstition is eternal. There's no getting away from it, even when it comes to weddings and engagements. According to tradition, if you want to enjoy a happy and fruitful marriage then you'll need to be very careful. Allow us to share some of the most ominous legends with you!

What should you definitely not do?

We're not sure how often this happens, but asking your girlfriend to marry you in church will bring misfortune to even the most pious choirboy. Also, women who intend to take their husband's name but write it down before the wedding ceremony can expect years of sorrow and misfortune. Brides who make their own wedding dresses? They haven't a hope of good fortune in their marriages.

Italians go a step further. Have your feet ever come into contact with a broom? Then you can forget it; you don't even deserve to get engaged, let alone married.

But there is some positive news. In Victorian times, for example, people believed that if the wedding bands were dropped during the ceremony, it would bring good luck. Apparently, this is also a good way to drive away evil spirits. The same applies to the bridal veil, which is designed to keep demons at bay.

Be careful with rice at a wedding

Throwing rice at a wedding is a popular tradition in this part of the world. It originated in the Orient and is supposed to bestow fertility on the newlyweds. But beware: if you throw a grain of rice and it lands in the eye of the bride or groom, not only will you be a laughing-stock, you'll have brought bad luck on the happy couple.

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