• Reasons why some couples forgo wedding rings
  • Pros and cons of wedding ring alternatives

Wedding rings have been a sign of love and solidarity for centuries; in Catholic weddings, they are even blessed as part of the ceremony. Whether in classic, simple yellow gold or in a more modern look with a gemstone setting for women, wedding rings are an indispensable part of the wedding for most couples and are usually worn permanently afterwards.

Reasons for forgoing wedding rings

The desire for forgoing wedding rings usually comes from the future husband, who finds the idea or wearing jewellery on his finger difficult. However, when it comes to wedding rings there are are range of varieties and models, regardless of the material, that are very straightforward and masculine. What’s more, after a short time you hardly notice the wedding ring on your finger; it simply belongs there and it certainly gives the feeling that something is missing when it is not on your finger.

Tip: The concerns of some men regarding appearance and comfort can be dispelled relatively easily and inexpensively with a “trial ring” purchased in advance. You don’t have to invest money in the wedding rings for this; a cheap but well-fitting ring at about the same weight has already changed the moods of many men after just a few days wear.

There may also be professional reasons against permanently wearing a ring, for example, in nursing work or in the food sector, where jewellery is not wanted and prohibited by the employer partly for hygienic reasons.

Wedding ring alternatives

A compromise is wearing the ring on a necklace instead of on the finger; a good choice if, for example, the ring on the finger interferes with manual work or machine work, represents a safety risk or could be lost. A big advantage of this variant: the classic exchange of rings at the wedding ceremony, whether at the registry office or the church, takes place as usual. Some couples also choose wedding bracelets, which, like rings, can be engraved and exchanged at the altar or in front of the registrar.

Earrings or studs are being seen increasingly often as a replacement for wedding rings; they are cannot be engraved due to their shape and size, but they are a permanently worn symbol of togetherness. The official exchange is a bit trickier than with rings, but with a steady hand can be done without any problems.

Last but not least, for the very brave who want to forgo wedding rings, is the option of having a tattoo. Here, band symbols reminiscent of a ring are often chosen and tattooed around the ring finger. Although this is not possible as part of the wedding ceremony, it nevertheless expresses eternal solidarity and shows everyone on the outside.

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