Although the number of happily married couples may be dwindling in certain parts of the world (For example in the European Union from 7.8 in 1000 persons in 1965 to 4.3 in 1000 persons in 2015 ), we at BAUNAT are romantics at heart, and we melt away when customers share their wedding plans with us. Are you about to get married as well? Congratulations!

Maybe you dream of saying yes to one another in a stunning location abroad? We will be only too pleased to help you along, offering practical info about some of the dream locations, such as the existing requirements to get married. What you need, most importantly, is the love of your life, a diamond ring … but it does not stop there.

  • Getting married in the United States? Not so difficult to arrange. It is primarily a matter of finding the most beautiful location.
  • More to the south, in Central America, it takes some more preparation to get married, but Belize, Costa Rica and Mexico are worth it!
  • Want to get married down under? Why not! Again, the legal obligations here are surprisingly easily to arrange. Weddings can be held anywhere.
  • Have you found true love in China? That's also possible of course, but getting married requires a lot of paperwork here. Tip: it is quicker to arrange in Hong Kong or Macao.
  • Are you starting to feel like saying your wedding vows abroad? Then take the first step today, and go searching for a diamond ring.

Let's get married in the States!

Getting married in the U.S. is quite easy to do. In many states it is possible for partners of the same sex as well. The most important task is to choosethemost beautiful location. Beyond that, nothing will stop you from having the day of your life.

The ultimate American wedding location is Las Vegas, with its famous wedding chapels. Having some sort of identification with you will be sufficient. And 60 dollars, to pay for your wedding license. After that is taken care of, you can bask in the glamor of the Strip as a newly wedded couple.

After your wedding in Las Vegas, enjoy the glamor of the Strip - BAUNAT

Getting married in the bright sun, like a movie star, can be done in downtown LA. Again you will only need some sort of identification, along with 176 dollars for the licenses. Have you gotten divorced less than two years ago, then you must present the divorce or marriage dissolution in writing.

New York, New York! Of course, why not? Again, the formalities are rather simple: you pay $35 for the wedding license, prove you are of age… and you have to have been a resident of New York City for 24 hours. After this has been accomplished, you can get married just about anywhere in the city: like a hipster in Brooklyn, a classic wedding in Central Park …

Are you dreaming of a wedding party on a beautiful beach? Come to Florida! You identify yourself and buy a wedding license for $93.5. If your former partner has passed away or you have been through a divorce within the last 30 days, you need a certified copy of the death certificate or the divorce judgment.

Or slightly further down, in Central America

Of course you can start your wedding adventurein an adventurous way as well, in Central America. Know that getting married further south will take some more preparation, especially if the information is not available in English. But hey, saying your wedding vows with an amazing mountain pass in the background will make up for a lot.

In all the countries of the Americas you will need, among other things, your birth certificate and passport, as well as any possible divorce papers you may have and, if applicable, a death certificate from your former partner. In many cases you will also need to bring two witnesses.

For example, have you thought about getting married in … Belize? Probably not, but believe us: it's oh so wonderful! Plus, you can marry there while you are on vacation, as it is sufficient to be there only for a period of three days. The paperwork is relatively simple and largely as described above. Furthermore, you will need a photocopy of your travel passport, with your photo and the day on which you entered the country.

Ever thought of getting married in Central American Belize: o so nice! - BAUNAT

Or Costa Rica? The country is known as a natural paradise and is a wonderful place to get married. On a magnificent beach, or in ecological lodges in the rain forest: the options are endless. It is not a requirement to live in the country. A bride in Costa Rica does have to wait 300 days after a divorce or the death of her former partner.

Finally, Mexico is also very popular as a place to marry, certainly with North Americans. But also an increasing number of Europeans realize they can marry here and experience the honeymoon of their dreams in a crystal blue sea and white beaches.

In Mexico you need at least four witnesses and some additional documents. Not only the usual ones, such as birth certificates, but also tourist visas, possibly an x-ray scan of your torso and a blood test, both conducted in Mexico. Often, you can only remarry after one year has passed since your divorce.

Fun fact: in Mexico the groom gives his bride thirteen gold coins, as a sign of trust, commitment and happiness. So give your partner not only a diamond ring, but also follow this local tradition!

Or do you prefer to marry down under?

Why not? Why not make a trip to Australia even more unforgettable by getting married there as well? And we have some good news: here the legal obligations are relatively easy as well.

You will surely find the perfect wedding location in this beautiful country because you can marry wherever in the country, for example on one of the many beautiful beaches. Of course, there must be a registered official present to consecrate the marriage. Both religious and legal marriages are legally binding. And yes, since 2017 it is also possible for two men or two women to promise eternal loyalty to each other.

Popular wedding seasons in Australia are the spring (especially October) and autumn (April). But also during winter (July and August) as the weather is nice throughout the year. Usually there is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature fluctuates around 12 to 22 °C, so it can be delightful.

In theory, you can marry on the same day that you arrive down under. You don't have to reside there. You only have to be 18 years of age or older. You do have to submit an official request in English to the registered official, no earlier than 18 months in advance and no later than one month and one day before the ceremony. You can do this before you arrive in Australia.

In addition, you have to bring some original documents: your birth certificate, passport, a possible divorce certificate or death certificate regarding your previous spouse and so on. On your wedding day you and your partner sign a marriage certificate, together with two witnesses of 18 years of age or older.

Securing a wedding location in Australia, amidst all that natural beauty? Choosing a diamond ring will be much easier - BAUNAT.

Have you found true love in China?

That is also possible of course. Traditional Chinese marriages were arranged by families or the government. Nowadays, there are way more options. Getting married in China may take time. But with a little patience and following the rules precisely, you can get married there without too much effort.

As a foreigner you always have to obtain two separate documents: a certificate from your own government regarding your 'ability to marry' and a marriage certificate. In practice, this may take a while. For example, it may take some time to have the hukou brought over from the home region of your upcoming Chinese partner. This is the proof that he or she may live in the home region. Their hukou often remains there, but the Chinese themselves often move many hundreds of kilometers away within their vast country.

If getting married on the Chinese mainland takes too much time and energy, consider marrying in Hong Kong. It is more expensive, but especially as a couple of foreigners it is faster and easier to get married here. And then we still have Macau, another place where it is more convenient and easy to get married. In addition to this, it is a wonderful location, with beautiful, old buildings and - perhaps surprising - stunning catholic churches.

Once that special day has come, your Chinese partner will not wed dressed in white, because that is the color of mourning, death and grief in China. So you better expect a colorful dress!

Macau offers many beautiful, old buildings where you can have beautiful wedding photos taken - BAUNAT

Are you organizing a wedding celebration?

Have we raised your enthusiasm for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and for saying your wedding vows in a dream location abroad? In that case, be sure to contact your embassy in the country that you have decided on, to learn all the details about which procedures to follow.

Other preparations you can take care of immediately. Such as choosing a beautiful diamond ring, for example!. Let our extensive range of diamond jewellery tempt you and dream away!

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