Everyone knows a diamond ring can be quite pricey. However, most couples want to celebrate their engagement with the giving of an engagement ring. Some people might panic at the mere thought of purchasing one, as there is so much to consider: colour, carat, alloy, etc. But there is no need to worry; there are plenty of ways to save money on an engagement ring without having to compromise on quality.

Save money on engagement rings by buying online

Buying an engagement ring online might not seem very romantic, but it can save you a lot of money. Where some people used to be sceptical towards online shopping, they are now much more willing to buy a diamond engagement ring online. And we do not disagree with them. At BAUNAT, you will find the highest quality at the best possible price.

Clarity and colour

You can also save money on an engagement ring by choosing a diamond with a lower clarity and colour grade. This does not necessarily mean you are compromising on quality. Furthermore, very few people notice the difference with the naked eye. Do make sure the diamond is still nice and colourless. Another tip: choose white gold or platinum; these precious metals make the diamond shine even better.

Fewer carats

Even though 1 carat is the standard when buying a diamond engagement ring, this is not compulsory. Opt for an 0.90 carat and save almost 30 per cent. No one will notice the difference in size, but your wallet will thank you.

Non-traditional shapes

Traditionally, people select a solitaire engagement ring to propose to their sweetheart. One large diamond will cost a lot more than a ring set with several diamonds of the same carat weight. Therefore, going for a halo setting where smaller diamonds surround the slightly smaller centre stone will save you money on the ring. This diamond engagement ring will appear bigger.

If you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring, BAUNAT is the perfect place to shop. We have an extensive collection of beautiful diamond rings.

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