Watches for women and men come in many designs. Although they literally must go along with the times, we prefer timeless, stylish designs. You also want to buy a watch that meets all your expectations and needs in terms of quality. Therefore, choose the right materials for each separate part of your watch.

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How do watches work?

Originally, no battery was required for a watch to operate. The watch stored the energy needed to make the hands go round, by means of a tensioned mainspring. So the watch winds itself up while you wear it. A rotor responds to wrist movement. These watches typically run for 48 hours, but some can go for up to 80 hours. Later the quartz watch was introduced, which is fully battery-operated and does not need to be wound up.

Types of watch

Before browsing the range of analogue watches, you should think about whether you prefer a quartz or mechanical one. We outline the differences briefly below.
How is a watch with a mechanical movement put together?
The main difference between quartz and mechanical watches lies in the watch's mechanism, or movement. A quartz watch is powered by a battery, whereas a mechanical watch is wound up through movement. For a self-winding watch, this is the movement of your wrist, and for a manual wind-up watch, winding the crown.
On a quartz watch, the secondhand ticks round, while on with a mechanical watch it sweeps round smoothly.

Quartz watch design

BAUNAT quartz watch design
The term "quartz" watch comes from the quartz crystals used inside the watch. An electric field is applied to those crystals using a battery, causing them to vibrate. This vibration is then transmitted to the time mechanism. Since quartz crystals always vibrate at the same frequency, they only transmit one single vibration movement each second. This makes this type of watch extremely accurate.

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Mechanical watch design

A BAUNAT mechanical watch
Mechanical watches, however, work using a mainspring. The classic type is wound by hand. The tension in the mainspring sets the gears in the watch into motion. Since the gears are such a distinctive feature, they are often exposed to show them working.

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The cost and benefits of a mechanical watch vs. a quartz watch

Of course, the price and value of your watch depend a lot on the materials used, such as precious metals and the grade of leather, but we will come back to that later. Due to the amount of time and work involved in manufacturing a mechanical watch, it is often a lot more expensive than a quartz watch. Mounting all the various gears makes it very expensive in terms of parts. Of course, this involves a high level of craftsmanship.

The watch case

The outward appearance of your watch is largely determined by the watch case, the watch housing. BAUNAT uses 18 carat gold for this as standard, regardless of whether you choose yellow, white or rose gold. The colour of gold chosen has no influence on the quality of your watch, only on its look. Yellow gold looks more classic, white gold more timeless and you would buy a watch in rose gold mainly because of the vintage look.
Gold is a precious metal which is highly resistant to oxidation, unlike silver.
However, when you purchase a luxury watch, we do not recommend showering or going swimming with it on. Light splashes, on the other hand, are not a problem.

Waarom de glassoort van belang is

The type of glass used to manufacture a watch is a crucial quality matter. Not least in terms of the long-term value of yourunique investment. Clear plastic is used mainly for cheap mass production. Difficult to break, but scratches easily. So, go for mineral glass, preferably, which is considerably less susceptible to scratching. The best choice for protecting the dial is beyond doubt sapphire crystal glass. Extremely tough, clear and durable glass. Therefore, it is used almost exclusively for watches in the luxury sector, as well as for diving watches.

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Which watchstrap to choose?

Watch design - BAUNAT
Do you prefer leather straps on watches? Men's watches, such as the Torino from our Italian collection, are finished in authentic calf leather. A sturdy type of leather which, due to its high cost, is used mainly for luxurious designer accessories. Another option is alligator leather, as you can see on the Jura from the Swiss collection. A type of leather that surpasses the more famous crocodile leather, in terms of luxury and finesse.
The 18-carat gold watchstrap is also an absolute must. A gold watch is simply a classic, and everyone should own one at some point. A real statement on special occasions. At BAUNAT, you can choose from among various colours of gold to create a different impression with your watch.

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