Diamond enhancements are specific treatments for polished diamonds that attempt to improve the appearance of lower quality diamonds. Examples are drilling to remove black carbon impurities, filling internal ruptures and heating a diamond to improve color performance, frequently used for fancy diamonds. These techniques to improve diamond quality are used to have a better chance of selling lower quality diamonds. A well trained eye can easily spot the difference. You might even see it yourself. Drilled diamonds can often be spotted without a loupe. The black carbon remainders that are removed during the drilling leave a mark. This mark is difficult to see but can be recognized by the purplish blue or green reflections in certain lighting conditions. The so called flash effect clearly indicates the use of fillings.

Treated diamonds are quite common and may appease a less cautious customer. Their appearance may be somewhat better but their quality remains lower. The enhancement comes at a cost. The diamonds loses its superlative qualities and is no longer resistant to extreme conditions, high heat and high pressure, or corrosive substances such as acid. Natural diamonds stay strong and will always maintain their natural beauty no matter the circumstances. Therefore, treated diamonds come at substantially lower prices. A lot of jewelers do not mention the treatments the diamond has undergone and simply sell them to unknowing customers. They only need to indicate ‘CE’ (Clarity Enhanced) and not a soul that will know what that means. Such practices are detrimental to the unknowing consumer. Therefore you must always ask for confirmation that the diamond is 100% natural that make sure it is a smart invesment.

As you can tell, we are no fans of enhanced diamonds. BAUNAT only offers beautifully cut, natural diamonds. These are the most beautiful and valuable diamonds and are definitely the most romantic.

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