• Antwerp Central Station: a must-see in the city
  • Visit the old city centre of Antwerp
  • Visit the diamond district of Antwerp

Is one of your travel resolutions to visit the diamond capital in the world? Antwerp is without a doubt a beautiful destination with a lot of hidden gems (literally) to discover. Even if you have planned to visit this city just for the weekend, here are some must-sees that will certainly amaze you.

Antwerp Central Station: a must-see in the city

Arriving at the Central Station will take your breath away. Drink in its beauty and its architecture, inside and outside. At the heart of this majestic building, you can experience the hustle and bustle of trains arriving and departing. The station is sure to leave you with a great first impression of the city of Antwerp. And as a bonus: the BAUNAT showroom is only a 2 minute walk away from this impressive building!

Visiting the old city centre of Antwerp

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the old city centre. In this corner of Antwerp, tourists can enjoy a beautiful day by strolling through the cobbled streets of the city, tasting the local delicacies and going for a bit of shopping.

By redirecting your gaze to the sky, you cannot miss the beautiful cathedral, visible from anywhere in the city. Also pay attention to the more than 300 statues throughout the city, some of them several centuries old.

Visiting the diamond district of Antwerp

For several years now, the diamond district of Antwerp has been the pride and joy of the city. The place is a little mysterious and that is why it deserves a visit. For those who dream of getting a better insight into how the international diamond trade operates, this place is a must.

This one square kilometre is home to over 1.500 jewellers. Therefore, for those who dream of finding a beautiful diamond, this is the perfect place to find the jewel of your dreams. The security is at its maximum and there are cameras everywhere. If there is a place where you can buy a diamond in peace, it is in the diamond district of Antwerp.

In short, if you are a fan of diamond jewellery, Antwerp is a must on your bucket list. However, if you dream of a beautiful jewel with a diamond, you can also make your purchase online. Regardless, make sure you only buy your diamonds at a reliable diamond jeweller such as BAUNAT!

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