• What does a vintage engagement ring look like?
  • Which diamond cut suits a vintage engagement ring?
  • What should you look out for, with antique, retro and vintage rings?

Is the woman you will soon be asking to marry you, romantic or nostalgic? A stylish woman who knows how to appreciate and wear the beauty of yesteryear? Then she deserves a beautiful vintage  engagement ring on her left ring finger. Since, today, jewellery is hardly ever passed down from generation to generation, chances you will secure yourself an authentic ring from grandmother's time are very small. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make a modern engagement ring reflect the charm of yesteryear.

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What does a vintage engagement ring look like?

The trend for vintage has been on the rise for some 30 years. So it is high time to take a closer look at the vintage engagement ring. The first thing you notice is the colour. A vintage engagement ring will almost always be yellow gold or rose gold, while most modern rings are made from white gold or platinum. But never an engagement ring without a precious stone,  of course. If you prefer something more extravagant, choose a rose gold ring set with a green emerald, like in this example. Unique, stylish and a real dream for lovers of vintage.

A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a man of wit, and a pebble in the hand of a fool
Would you like to keep up the tradition of engagement rings  by choosing a diamond? In this case, we are happy to give you advice on looking for an engagement ring with an antique cut.

Which diamond cut suits a vintage engagement ring?

Today, most men opt for the  round brilliant,  a cut with the highest brilliance, developed in 1919. A big contrast with the older cuts which had, as it were, less fire in them. Yet, there is no better way to make her engagement ring look vintage than by using a diamond cut which was popular between the 14th and 19th centuries. Did you know that  the price of an engagement ring  with an antique cut is considerably lower?

However, antique cuts such as the "old single cut" or the "old mine cut" are not available as standard.
You could go for a more modern cut, but which looks antique. You would then have a vintage ring which also shines brilliantly. Recommended are the square princess cut (very popular), the rectangular emerald cut (very Art Deco) and the pointed marquise (very striking).

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What should you look out for, with antique, retro and vintage rings?

Let us first explain the difference between antique, retro and vintage. An antique engagement ring has to be at least 50 years old. For certain items the rule is even 75 or 100 years. A retro ring, on the other hand, has been made more recently, but given an old-fashioned look. With vintage, it gets more difficult.
The trend for vintage has been on the rise for 30 years.

How can I be sure of true 'vintage'?

In theory, a vintage engagement ring is at least 50 years old and is typical of a specific period. However, the terms retro and vintage are now interchangeable, meaning that trendy jewellery, clothing and furniture which look old are also called vintage.

So make sure that ithis s one of the things you look out for when you go to an antique, retro or vintage fair. You rarely get a certificate of authenticity. So you can never be sure about the true age of a ring, nor the quality of the gold or diamond.

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