On the 29th of July, art lovers celebrated the 125th anniversary of the death of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). As a tribute to this great artist, one of his most famous works, The Starry Night, was compared to the world famous Starry Night sapphire.

The Starry Night was painted in 1889 by Van Gogh, when he lived in southern France. The painting shows a turbulent starry night over a sleepy French village. Both serene and restless, this masterpiece is a combination of stability - the hills, the fields and the village - and movement - the swirling sky. Mother Nature did not want to be outdone and created its own version of The Starry Night: The 112 carat sapphire Starry Night. It was named this way, because it can be compared to Van Gogh's painting. In this sapphire, which has a midnight blue colour, a six-pointed white star can be noticed. When you look at the Starry Night from different perspectives, it seems like the star dances over the gemstone. This is an exceptional natural phenomenon. Asterism in gemstones is uncommon and because the bright coloured white star contrasts with the deep blue colour of the sapphire, it is quite striking. The shape of the stone is then compared to the vault of heaven in The Starry Night and the colour of the sapphire is also incorporated into the colour palette of this painting.

Van Gogh was a master of colour, and Mother Nature is a true artist. The nice thing is that blue is still one of the most popular gemstone colours and coloured stones are currently the rage. The Starry Night painting and The Starry Night sapphire have never been so current. Of course, you can also contact us for natural coloured diamonds and gemstones.

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