Although you no doubt show your love to your partner every day, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to surprise your life partner with that special gift. However, it is not always easy to find a suitable gift which fully sums up your relationship and your partner. The gift where you can surely never go wrong is a beautiful diamond. We have ideas for choosing the perfect gift for your loved one and list our favourites for you.

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Why buy jewellery for Valentine's Day?

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend," so the saying goes. Diamonds have always been a cherished gift. Not just because they are expensive, but because they also have symbolic value. Diamonds, being the hardest and most beautiful of precious stones, symbolise indestructible love.
Woman being surprised by her lover on Valentine's Day with some minimalist jewellery from BAUNAT
Jewellery is a beautiful gift which can be passed on from generation to generation. Timeless BAUNAT diamond jewellery is something which will be cherished forever.
It is also very versatile. Jewellery can be mixed and matched with many different styles. A pair of diamond earrings, his and her bracelets or a lovely necklace can take your outfit to the next level at a gala event, or just at the office.

Since everyone loves sending personal gifts with a special message, jewellery is a powerful and everlasting medium for that message. You can personalise jewellery by having it made entirely to your own design, or by engraving a message onto a ring, bracelet or necklace.

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Ideas for buying jewellery which really suits your Valentine

To choose the right jewellery for your loved one, take a look at her fashion. Does she dress in a rather classical style, is she very fashion-conscious, does she prefer a little colour or does she like subtle accents? This will help you choose the right design. You can surprise the more classic woman with jewellery from our classic collection, or you could surprise a fashion-conscious person with a cocktail ring or a statement bracelet. If your lady friend likes a bit more colour, we recommend taking a look at our jewellery with coloured diamonds or precious stones. With diamond stud earrings or a beautiful thin necklace you will definitely score highly with your girlfriend if she loves subtle accents.

You then need to take into account her skin colour and the other items in her jewellery box. Is her skin tone rather more cool, or rather more warm? This will determine the correct precious metal to choose. Yellow gold looks better on women with warmer skin tones, white gold and platinum look better on women with cooler skin tones. Not quite sure? Then take a look in her jewellery box. Is it mostly yellow gold or just silver jewellery in there? Those who love originality and a more romantic look could go for rose gold jewellery.

Does your partner love things with deeper meaning? Then give them symbolic jewellery. An eternity ring or a Toi & Moi ring has great symbolic value as jewellery. Make the jewellery totally special by adding her birthstone or choosing a precious stone that suits her.
By having jewellery personalised you are giving a piece of jewellery with deeper meaning
Finally, it is important you know the correct size before placing your order. Of course, you don't need to know the size for an elegant necklace or a beautiful set of earrings. Do you want to give a ring or beautiful bracelet? Then make sure you find out the correct size. Not sure how to go about this? Read all about it in our blog articles on choosing the right bracelet and determining the correct ring size.

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Can you still not get it sorted, or do you need some inspiration? Do you want to surprise your girlfriend in an original way? We have put together a selection of stunning jewellery sure to put a big smile on the face of your loved one.

Our top 10 favourite jewellery pieces to surprise her with on Valentine's Day

Brunette wearing a beautiful heart-shaped necklace from BAUNAT on Valentine's Day

1. A diamond necklace in the shape of a heart

There's nothing so symbolic as giving her a heart to wear near her heart, to demonstrate your love.

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A white gold eternity ring from BAUNAT symbolising eternal loyalty

2. An eternity ring to express your undying love

If you want to express your undying love and loyalty to your loved one, then look no further than the eternity ring This is a popular option for couples thanks to its romantic significance and elegant appearance.

Take a close look at this ring

 Elegant lady wearing white gold diamond rod earrings from BAUNAT

3. Diamond rod earrings

Is your partner very stylish and does she like simple designs with just that little bit more? Diamond rod earrings may well be the perfect choice to make her happy.

Take a closer look at these elegant earrings

A personalised name pendant for Rose by BAUNAT in red gold

4. Personalised name pendant

For extra special attention where you will undoubtedly score highly, you can have a custom-made diamond name pendant.

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A diamond-studded cuff bracelet from BAUNAT in white gold as a Valentine's Day present for the fashion-conscious woman

5. Stylish cuff bracelet

This style of bracelet is totally in. Would you like to give her accessories which go with the fashion-conscious lady? You won't be wide of the mark with this design.

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A timeless pair of halo diamond ear studs from BAUNAT which suit every occasion

6. Halo diamond stud earrings

Diamond studs are a valued part of any woman's jewellery box. This minimalist jewellery goes with any outfit. The halo design makes the central diamond appear larger and shine even more.

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An elegant necklace from BAUNAT with a heart, to steal her heart on Valentine's Day

7. Elegant necklace with a heart

Steal her heart away with this elegant jewellery with a heart. A fine necklace which can make any outfit shine, whether at the office or a party.

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Woman in elegant white dress getting a timeless tennis bracelet from BAUNAT for Valentine's Day

8. A timeless tennis bracelet

This bracelet is simple, timeless and extremely elegant. An item of jewellery which can be mixed and matched with any outfit is a gift received with open arms.

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Original diamond earrings from BAUNAT in the shape of an X and an O

9. Original earrings

Does she like to wear designer pieces and express her personality through her fashion? Do you also like sending a kiss and hug as a message? Then go for this original pair of diamond earrings to show how well you know her.

Take a closer look at these eloquent earrings

The white gold toi and moi ring with sapphire from BAUNAT as a romantic gift for Valentine's Day

10. A Toi et Moi ring

This ring is sometimes called the relationship ring, thanks to its symbolic meaning. Do you want to personify your relationship with this special jewellery?

Take a closer look at this toi et moi ring with emerald

Buy jewellery or a watch for him

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating romance, love and your relationship. Valentine's Day, however, is not only meant for delighting women with gifts. Men also like to be put in the spotlight, with jewellery or a watch. A watch is a timeless accessory he will certainly be looking at regularly. Whether you choose a classic, mechanical watch, or a gold, quartz timepiece, is down to his style and preference for craftsmanship.
Gentleman in a suit with diamond cufflinks and a Swiss watch from BAUNAT given by his partner on Valentine's Day
Moreover, watches are not the only jewellery you can please a man with. A black diamond ring can be the perfect gift for a somewhat tough man. Gentlemen who regularly wear a suit and pay attention to sophisticated accents could be very happy with a pair of diamond cufflinks.

Order these diamond cufflinks from BAUNAT right away

What can I expect from my BAUNAT gift?

Buying your jewellery online at BAUNAT offers you all kinds of advantages. BAUNAT represents certified quality at the best possible price. By choosing the best precious metal and because BAUNAT can rely on years of expertise, our diamonds jewellery is of exceptional quality. Fewer middlemen and limited overheads mean we can offer you diamond jewellery at highly competitive prices. After all, we invest in efficiency and expertise. No expensive marketing campaigns, luxury offices or retail outlets. Our investment is reflected in BAUNAT's diamond jewellery.

With an extensive jewellery collection and jewellery designers who are Belgian born and bred, crafting by hand in the diamond capital Antwerp, we are the ultimate partner for all your diamond gift requirements. Only the very best metal is melted down and worked on to become BAUNAT jewellery. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect tradition and boast the technical know-how to craft top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you an extraordinary 20 year product guarantee.
Your BAUNAT gift will always be sent in an exclusive gift box
When you place your Valentine's Day BAUNAT jewellery gift order, we handle it with the utmost care and discretion. What to expect once you have placed your order:

  • Free, insured delivery of your gift
  • Delivery usually within 10 working days
  • Exclusive gift wrapping
  • Option to return the jewellery within 30 days
  • 20 year guarantee

What should I give on other important days?

You've now seen all kinds of ideas for Valentine's Day presents. However, more public holidays are coming which call for special attention. Delight your mother on Mother's Day, surprise your father on Father's Day, give beautiful jewellery on a birthday, or to your niece at her first communion. Would you like more inspiration for which jewellery you should choose for a special day needing to be celebrated? Read all about it in our blogs:
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