Besides regular rings, you can now also find double rings. For the record, we are not talking about two rings on one finger. No, this trend is about one ring on two fingers. This means your ring and middle finger cannot be moved independently of each other. This could prove to be a nuisance but as the saying goes those who want to be pretty must suffer, or at least a little. Fashionista’s all over the world have already paid their dues and have been wearing double rings for quite some time. Why go for a normal ring when you can double up? A double ring means twice the fun. An ideal match for a playful summer dress or an extravagant outfit.

Big rings have been in style for a while now. They have become so big that they expand over multiple fingers. Double rings expand the possibilities even further. The double finger ring exists out of two rings forged together and ornamented together. All kinds of styles are possible but diamonds and gemstones have the most luxurious appeal. We all know it hardly ever is too luxurious that is why we would recommend ornamenting your double ring with diamonds and gemstones, giving the ring more body and of course, doubling its sparkling allure.

At BAUNAT we are specialized in regular rings but we are always open for novelty and can offer the perfect tailor-made ring for both your fingers.

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