Nowadays it is not uncommon for couples to live together before they are engaged. Since most costs are already shared, it is currently a trend that each person pays half when buying a diamond engagement ring. This way, you minimize the impact of this purchase, moreover you can avoid a financial hangover, but it also allows you - if possible - to choose a more expensive ring. If you and your partner have decided to each pay half when buying a diamond engagement ring, then you can consider these things first:

1. Determine the budget together

The best way to start, is to examine your personal and joint finances before stepping to the jeweler or ordering the diamond engagement ring online. Set a budget on which you both feel comfortable. It is possible that one pays for the diamond - preferably the male - and that the other one pays for the noble metal and the setting. Whatever you decide, stick to the plan that you agreed on in the first way. If one of the partners feels that the budget should be redefined, talk openly and honestly to each other. This is a major purchase, good communication is essential!

2. Come to an agreement on the style

It is normal that when you decide to share the cost of the engagement ring, you both want a decision on how it will look like. Make sure both of you are happy with the end result. With a solitaire diamond engagement ring, you play it safe. Too traditional for you? Then try to find a compromise. ‘There’s no disputing about taste and colours’, but in this case there is.

3. Think about the wedding rings

In case you plan on wearing a wedding ring after your wedding, buy them together with the engagement ring. Many women want their wedding ring to match with their diamond engagement ring, but men also want their wedding ring to be a matching one, either to their spouses ring, their own engagement ring, or even to both. The important thing is that the styles match, therefore the precious metals do not necessarily need to match. Nowadays, there is even a trend to combine yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

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