Men put the classic solitaire ring more and more aside and surprise their girlfriend more often with an engagement ring set with a colored diamond or a gemstone. A color reflects a personality and sometimes says more than a traditional colorless diamond. Champagne-colored diamonds are very desirable, actually a euphemism for the light brown diamond. A timeless color, and beautiful in combination with colorless diamonds. 

A rich color

Brown diamonds, in all its shades, are mined all over the world, but the Australian Argyle mine is the largest producer of the champagne-colored variant. They are seen as one of the cheapest colored diamonds, but with the increasing demand it could change quickly. All grades are rich in color and it´s the questions which is one is your favorite.

Champagne-colored diamonds are graded from C1 to C7. The categories C1 to C6 are champagne-coloured diamonds, from subtle to somewhat darker, C7 is a more cognac colour, the dark brown variety and also the most expensive shade. All grades have a rich colour, which only leaves the question which is the one you prefer. 

Beautiful in an engagement ring

Rings set with colored diamonds have been popular for a while. Are you planning to propose your loved one with a certain engagement ring, make sure the color suits her personality. Champagne-colored diamonds are rather timeless and have a subtle appearance. Combined with colorless diamonds, such as in a halo setting, the color stands out even more. Any setting is possible, however we do not recommend the solitaire ring (little charisma). Set in a gold yellow ring looks whole rather sober and classic. White gold or platinum create a modern and glamorous look.

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