With a hardness of 10 on the scale of Mohs, diamonds are the hardest gemstones, therefore it is no problem to take them on a journey. And frankly, ladies, would you go on holiday without your favorite engagement ring or diamond jewel? However, extra caution is in place here. Chlorine will corrode metal, with possible damaged or loosened parts as a result. Therefore, the best option is to safely store your diamond jewels before you dive into the pool or taking a bubble bath. When dirt and oil accumulate on the surface of the diamond, the stone gets a dull appearance and will sparkle less. During your holiday, in case you use sun cream and/or spray, the best solution would be to clean your jewellery afterwards. The best way to do this, in order to prevent damage, is with warm soapy water and a soft brush.

The jewels that are the most suitable for travel, are also the most durable, therefore you can consider jewellery set with diamonds or other hard gemstones, such as rubies and sapphires. But before leaving on holiday, make sure they are in perfect condition. Antique or vintage jewels are more fragile and are more suitable to be worn at home. Also recommendable is to check whether the setting of the jewel is ok, so that the diamonds are secure. No one wants a ring to be suddenly missing a diamond, right? When packing, you should separate all jewels as much as possible, so they will not get damaged. You can also store your jewels in the carry-on bags, rather than in the checked-in luggage. Caution is the message here, whether you're going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or you're spending two weeks on the beach at Punta Cana. This way, you can be sure that your diamond jewellery will return home safely.

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