• If your wedding ring does not fit you anymore, you can resize it.
  • A white golden ring is timeless and you’re guaranteed to  find it beautiful for ever.
  • If you are not allowed to wear your wedding ring at work, you can wear it on a necklace around your neck.

In the past, the ring finger was carefully examined before making any moves. Most golden wedding rings looked (broadly) the same. With the latest trends you cannot always see if the ring is a wedding ring or not. Many men keep their wedding ring in a place they hope their wife will remember. And even women increasingly put their engagement and wedding ring in a closet after the wedding. It’s a shame! At BAUNAT we think that a beautiful timeless white gold ring with diamonds may, and even must, be seen. We counter with pleasure all excuses why not to wear your ring.

The ring does not fit anymore.

When you lost or gained a little weight, it’s possible your ring is slightly too loose or too tight. But this cannot be the reason why you have stopped wearing your rings? It is perfectly possible to make your white gold ring a size smaller or larger. Afterwards, your ring will be thoroughly cleaned and polished so you won’t notice the changes. Some models, for example the eternity ring set all around with diamonds, are much more difficult (and sometimes impossible) to adjust.

Too much maintenance

Although a white gold ring and a platinum ring are very similar, we have to admit that platinum is much more resistant to damage and retains its colour much better. True, white gold needs a bit more maintenance, but with some practical tips on how to clean, it is just a small effort. A white gold ring with a rhodium layer, can shine for years without much maintenance.

Not that beautiful anymore.

Style is subject to fashion trends. your personal preference, too, changes over time. Therefore, it is possible you do not like your wedding or engagement ring as much as when you said your vows. With a white gold ring or a platinum ring this rarely happens. After all, it is a timeless colour that suits everything. You’re guaranteed to want to keep wearing your white gold ring.

Forbidden at work

Not being allowed to wear your ring around your finger for hygienic or safety reasons doesn’t give you an excuse to not wear your ring at all. In many profession, you are allowed to wear a necklace. So you can wear your wedding ring around your neck. Of course, you have to handle diamonds carefully. Do you have a job where you are in contact with polluting substances? in that case, it is better to keep your diamond jewel in a soft fabric bag or the original ring box while working.

You haven’t given your vows yet and are looking for a timeless engagement ring? Let us inspire you with our extensive selection or contact us for more information.

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