Choosing an engagement ring must be done carefully to ensure the bride will be happy. For those wishing to offer the classical solitaire, here are some valuable tips to be taken into account.

Determine a specific budget for the acquisition of the ring

On acquisition of an engagement ring, whatever the situation, it is important to determine a precise budget and stick to it too. A wide selection of engagement rings is available: white gold, platinum, yellow gold rings or an engagement ring in red gold. The diamond has a sentimental value that will seduce the bride.

Choose a ring that reflects the personality of your beloved 

It is always recommendable to choose the ring that best suits your beloved. To find out more about her taste, you can go through her jewelry box. Moreover, her relatives and friends can sometimes be valuable sources of information. By using these tips, it is easier to find the suitable ring to his personality.

Concentrate on the ring and the mounting

The next step is the choice of ring and mounting. Knowing the preferences of the bride, it is easier to choose the characteristics of the ideal ring (size, style, etc.), the metal and setting.

Regarding the metal of the ring, various types of gold are available: yellow, white, pink or red. Everything depends on the budget and personal taste. White gold and yellow gold are the most popular materials for an engagement ring. Platinum is another precious metal, it is an excellent option instead of gold. For those who wish to offer more original jewelry, rose gold is a great alternative.

As to the setting, the most common is the claw mounting, into which the stone is sandwiched between several claws and the bezel setting into which the stone is surrounded by metal. The tension setting is another opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of the ring. At BAUNAT, you are spoiled with a lot of choice: prong, tension, cathedral, bezel, castle, etc…

Diamond choice

The solitaire is a diamond set in a ring. It represents the commitment and love of the groom to the bride and should also reflect the personality of his fiancée. When the number of stones set in the ring is higher than one, it's not a solitaire anymore. This type of jewelry is often associated with engagement; to mark the commitment of the groom to marry the woman he loves.

The choice of the diamond depends on the budget and preferences of the bride, who is supposed to wear it forever. The diamond must be set perfectly, so that it cannot be detached from the ring. We are spoiled for choice in terms of color: white, pink, green, yellow, blue, etc. White is obviously the most common and the most appropriate for engagement, while the other colors, called "fancy colors" are worth considering before purchasing.

The most important thing with a white diamond is to consider the "4 C’s": cut, carat, clarity, color. In fact, the diamond should reflect light from one facet to another, be flawless under magnification of 10 times and have a color classified between "D" and "I".

The choice of diamond must first be carried out depending on the metal. The diamond has different colors, ranging from extra white to yellow. The various colors are designated by letters. D, E and F colors are whiter and are better suited to white gold and platinum.

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