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Tips on how to buy her the right engagement ring

  • Those who want to play it safe can opt for a solitaire ring with one single diamond.
  • Learn more about the different settings to find out what she likes the most.
  • With an engagement ring in timeless white gold or platinum, every high quality diamond will shine beautifully

Do you want to ask her the question? Then you probably already have an idea on how and where you want to experience this beautiful moment with her. High time to buy the engagement ring! The choice of engagement rings is enormous. And of course you want to propose with the right ring. But what exactly is the right ring for her? With these 4 tips you will get a better view on the different types of rings, from the solitaire ring to the eternity ring. We will help you to discover what she likes best. Because, that’s what’s most important, right?

  • 1.00 carat solitaire ring in white gold with princess diamond and side diamonds From USD 2.220
    (excl. VAT)
  • 1.25 carat solitaire diamond ring in white gold with side diamonds From USD 2.070
    (excl. VAT)
  • Trilogy ring in white gold with a central sapphire and 2 round diamonds From USD 2.030
    (excl. VAT)

Conversations about jewellery

Once you have made the decision to propose to her, you can try to turn the conversations in the direction of jewellery. How else would you know which style she likes? Big, small, all round set with diamonds or a solitaire ring? Is the subject too hard to discreetly start the conversation about, didn’t you get enough information or do you just want to be extra sure? Then opt for a solitaire ring. The number one among engagement rings set with only one diamond that, just like your fiancée, shines bright and deserves all the attention.

Other sources of inspiration

In stead of talking with your fiancée about rings, you can definitely use your friends and family as a source of inspiration. Buying an engagement ring is not something impetuous. Someone who already had the experience can give you useful tips to facilitate your choice between an eternity ring, solitaire ring and other types of engagement rings. Or contact her girlfriends. Women talk! And off course you can let yourself be inspired online.

They all look the same

When you start your search for the perfect engagement ring, all diamond rings look very similar. But nothing could be further from the truth. Even a solitaire ring with only one diamond can be found in many different precious metals, settings and colours. Will you choose a classic yellow gold ring or a timeless white gold ring? Does she prefer a setting in which the diamond is secured by the two sides of the ring band? Or would you charm her the most with a solitaire ring in a traditional bezel setting in which the diamond is framed with metal? Delve into the world of engagement rings, learn more about the different settings and make a well thought out purchase..

Beauty versus quality

Obviously the choice of the ring and the choice of the diamond depend on your budget. Choosing a more affordable diamond of a lesser clarity and colour grade, does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality. You practically don’t see the difference with the naked eye. But, in this case, it is better to opt for a solitaire ring in white gold or platinum, because the colour of these precious metals enhances the brilliance of the diamond.

Do you already know to which ring your fiancée would love to say yes? Take a look at our collection of engagement rings and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Author: Inge De Wee
Source: BAUNAT

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